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[en]2nd Workshop on the Interface Economic Theory and History of Theories[/en]


2nd Workshop on the “Interface” Economic Theory and History of Theories

May 29-30, 2008
University of Paris X – Nanterre
(“K” building, room K 103, 1st floor)

A two-day workshop on the Interface between economic theory and the history of theories was held at the Catholic University of Louvain in January 2007. This very positive experience has led a group of participants to propose the organization of a second edition of this workshop, which will take place at the University of Paris X – Nanterre (“K” building, room K 103, 1st floor) on May 29-30, 2008.
This initiative aims to bring together researchers whose work is positioned at the interface between economic theory and history of theories. In light of the conceptual and methodological developments that have transformed both economic theory and the history of thought in recent years, it is important to reconsider the linkages between them. With this workshop, we intend to create a space to present and discuss research works that interpret and/or practice the articulation between economic theory and history of theories –whatever the topics and questions addressed. Discussion on these papers will constitute a starting point for a general methodological reflection on the meaning and implications of the “interface”.

Eleven paper proposals in this perspective, in English and French, have been accepted (see complete list below). Full texts of all accepted papers should be made available by April 30, 2008. To allow for enhanced intellectual exchange among participants, the proposed format is one hour for each presentation –30 minutes for the presenter, 5-10 for the discussant, 20-25 for general debate. The workshop will also include a methodological round table, with the participation of Michel De Vroey (Catholic University of Louvain) and Franco Donzelli (University of Milan). We welcome attendance by those who wish to participate in the general discussion, even without presenting their own work.

A small number of papers presented at the workshop, selected on the basis of their quality but also on how they fit with one another, may then be selected to prepare a session proposal for one of the main international conferences in the history of economic thought – either History of Economics Society or the European Society for the History of Economic Thought. The workshop may thus be followed by the creation of a working group to prepare this session, though the final decision will be taken at a later stage.
Logistically, a committee formed by C. Pignol, G. Rubin, F. Tricou, and P. Tubaro, is in charge of the organisation of the workshop.



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Nouveaux doctorants

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