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ESNIE 2007 – 6th session of the European School on New Institutional Economics

ESNIE 2007
6th session of the European School on New Institutional Economics

ESNIE 2007, the sixth session of the European School on New Institutional Economics, will be held in Cargese (Corsica) from the 21st to the 25th of May 2007.

This school seeks to promote the use of rigorous methods to analyze the economics of institutions and organizations, to provide researchers and decision makers with up to date synthesis on the evolutions of the research program, to develop networking and cooperation among researchers and among their institutions.

It is dedicated to Ph.D. students, Post-docs and researchers in Economics, Management Sciences, Sociology, Law and other social sciences. They will benefit from lectures (every morning) dedicated to the extensive presentation of the state of the art of the discipline on a specific applied or theoretical topic, workshops (afternoon) devoted either to "research questions" or "technical topics", and seminars (second part of the afternoon) which will enable the attendants to have their work discussed by specialised scholars in the field.


  • Philippe Aghion (Harvard U., USA)
  • James Bushnell (U.C. Berkeley, USA)
  • Bruno Deffains (U. of Nancy, France)
  • Avinash Dixit (Princeton U., USA)
  • Giovanni Dosi (Sant’Anna School, Pisa, Italy)
  • Douglass North (Washington U. at St Louis, USA)
  • Jesse Fried (U.C. Berkeley, USA)
  • Stephen Maurer (U.C. Berkeley, USA)
  • Suzanne Scotchmer (U.C. Berkeley, USA)
  • Roger Van den Bergh (Erasmus U, Rotterdam, The Netherlands).

Workshop Organizers:

  • Veneta Andonova (U. Los Andes, Bogotá, Columbia)
  • Cécile Aubert (U. Dauphine, Paris, France)
  • Elisabetta Iossa (Brunel University, UK)
  • Michael Jacobides (London Business School, UK)
  • Bernardo Mueller (U. Brasilia, Brazil)
  • Nicolas Carayol (U. Paris XI, France)
  • Antoine Rebérioux (U. Paris X, France)
  • Claude Parthenay (U. Cergy-Pontoise, France)
  • Stéphane Straub (U. of Edinburgh, UK).

This event is sponsored by the CNRS (French National Foundation for Research), the INRA (National Institute for Research in Agronomics), the French Ministry for Education and Research, the Regional council “Ile de France”, the European network of excellence DIME (Dynamics of Institutions and Markets in Europe), the University of Paris X (Nanterre), and the Research Federation “Capitalism and Democracy, and the Doctoral School “Economics Organization and Society (U. Paris X).
Organization is coordinated by Eric Brousseau (U. of Paris X)


  • Deadline for application: 28th of February 2007
  • Notification : 12th of March 2007
  • Deadline for registration : 8th of April 2007.

Attendant selection:

  • Attendants will be selected on the basis of their research program. They will present a paper that will be discussed in seminars.





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