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ESNIE 2008 : Seventh session of the European School on New Institutional Economics

ESNIE 2008
Seventh session of the European School on New Institutional Economics

ESNIE 2008, the seventh session of the European School on New Institutional Economics, will be held in Cargese (Corsica) from the 19th to the 23rd of May 2008.
This school seeks to promote the use of rigorous methods to analyze the economics of institutions and organizations, to provide researchers and decision makers with up to date synthesis on the evolutions of the research program, to develop networking and cooperation among researchers and among their institutions.

It is dedicated to Ph.D. students, Post-docs and researchers in Economics, Management Sciences, Sociology, Law and other social sciences. They will benefit from lectures (every morning) dedicated to the extensive presentation of the state of the art of the discipline on a specific applied or theoretical topic, workshops (afternoon) devoted either to "research questions" or "technical topics", and seminars (second part of the afternoon) that will allow the attendants to have their work discussed by specialised scholars in the field.

Lecturers :

Emmanuelle Auriol (U. Toulouse), Daniel Berkowitz (U. Pittsburgh), Paul David (U. of Oxford & Stanford U.), Thrain Eggertson (U. of Iceland & New York U.), Alfonso Gambardella (U. of Bocconi, Italy), Gillian Hadfield (U. Southern California, USA), Craig Pirrong (U. of Houston), Hans-Bernd Schaefer (U. of Hamburg), Norman Schofield (Washington U. in St Louis, USA), Steven Tadelis (UC Berkeley, USA).

Workshop Organizers :

Vincent Bignon (U. PXII & EconomiX), Emanuela Carbonara (U. of Bologna), Ben Depoorter (U. of Yale), Stuart Graham (UC Berkeley and Georgia Tech), Peter Grajzl (Central European University, Budapest), Sergei Guriev (New Economic School, Moscow), Chris Kingston (Amherst College), Stéphane Robin (GATE, CNRS), Andrew Schrank (University of New Mexico), Ekaterina Zhuravskaya (CEFIR, Moscow).

Seminar Chairs :

EshienChong (U. Paris I), Jean-Michel Glachant (U. Paris XI), Freddy Huet (U. Nice), Yannick Perez (U. Paris XI), Emmanuel Raynaud (INRA), Jean-François Sattin (U. Valencienne), Stéphane Saussier (U. Paris XI), Carine Staropoli (U. Paris I), Anne Yvrande Billon (U. Paris I).

Scientific committee :

Masahiko Aoki (Stanford U.), Ronald H. Coase (U. of Chicago), Massimo Egidi (Luiss, Roma), Jean-Luc Gaffard (U. Nice), Claude Menard (U. de Paris I), Bart Nooteboom (Erasmus U.), Douglass C. North (Washington University), Rudolf Richter (U. of Saarlandes), Oliver Williamson (U.C. Berkeley), Frank Stephen (U. of Manchester).

This event is sponsored by the CNRS (French National Foundation for Research), the INRA (National Institute for Research in Agronomics), DIME (Dynamics of Institutions and Markets in Europe), the University of Paris X (Nanterre), the Research Federation “Capitalism and Democracy”, and the Doctoral School “Economics Organization and Society” (U. Paris X).

Organization is coordinated by Eric Brousseau (U. of Paris X) and managed by EconomiX (U. Paris X).

Calendar :

  • Deadline for application: 29th of February 2008
  • Notification : 12th of March 2008
  • Deadline for registration: 4th of April 2008.

Attendant selection:

Attendants will be selected on the basis of their research program. They will present a paper that will be discussed in seminars.


Detailed information is available at: http://esnie.u-paris10.fr/en/2008/


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Colloques et Workshops

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