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First Euro-clio Conference and Fast-Track Initiative : Exchanges in economic history


First Euro-clio Conference and Fast-Track Initiative
“Exchanges in economic history”

24-26 April, 2008
Sciences Po, Paris

Convener of the Euroclio conference: Vincent Bignon (IUFM Créteil, EconomiX – University of Paris 10 at Nanterre and Chaire Finances internationales – Sciences Po)
Euroclio is funded by the ANR project “Economics of financial intermediaries” and by EconomiX of the University of Paris 10 at Nanterre.
Thursday’s special event honouring Larry Neal is sponsored by the Chaire finances Internationales.

Convener of the fast-track sessions: The editors of the European Review of Economic History. Fast-Track meetings are sponsored by the European Review of Economic History and the European Historical Economics Society.

Thursday the 24th of April, 6.00-8.00pm

Welcoming speech: Marc Flandreau (Director of the International finance chair, professor at Sciences po and at the Graduate Institute of Geneva, president of the EHES).

A special event in honour of Pr. Larry Neal:

From Tulip to Subprime: Historical Perspectives on Financial Crises
Chair : Charles Kahn (University of Illinois)
Amphithéâtre Albert Sorel
Featuring: Jeremy Atack (Vanderbilt University), Ann Carlos (University of Colorado), Gerardo Della Paolera (American University of Paris), Marc Flandreau (Sciences Po and Graduate Institute, Geneva), Stephen Quinn (Texas Christian University) & Larry Neal (University of Illinois & LSE).

8.00 – 9.00 pm: Drinks

Friday the 25th of April

Salle Jean Monnet

9.00-12.15 Fast track Session 1
Chair : Joachim Voth (Pompeu Fabra)

  • Jacob Weisdorf (Copenhaguen Business School):
    Made for Toil: Natural Selection at the Dawn of Agriculture

10.00-10.30 Coffee, tea & croissants

  • Dan Bogart (UC Irvine) and Gary Richardson (George Mason University):
    The Reorganization of Rights to Real Estates in Britain, 1600-1830
  • Paul Sharp (Copenhagen Business School):
    The Long American Grain Invasion of Britain: Market integration and the wheat trade between North America and Britain from the Eighteenth Century

12.30- 2 pm: Sandwiches & drinks

2 – 4 pm: Euro-Clio, Session 1
Chair : TBA

  • Stephen Quinn (Texas Christian University):
    Debasement and the early the Bank of Amsterdam (1600-1680)
  • Pilar Nogues Marco (Sciences Po):
    Did Bullionism Matter? Evidence from Cadiz Shadow Market for Silver. 1729-42

4 – 4.30 pm Coffee break

4.30-6.30 Euro-Clio Session 2
Chair : Jean-Pierre Dormois (Marc Bloch University, Strasbourg)

  • Stefano Ugolini (University of Geneva):
    The Origins of Foreign Exchange Policy. A Detailed Analysis of the Case of the National Bank of Belgium, 1851-1853
  • Vincent Bignon (EconomiX – Nanterre and Chaire finances internationales) & Antonio Miscio (University of Orleans):
    The French market for financial information in the eve of WWI

Saturday the 26th of April

Amphithéâtre Albert Sorel

9 – 12.30 am: Fast track Session 2
Chair : Cormac O’Grada (University College Dublin)

  • Arto Kökkinen (European University Institute):
    Human Capital and Finland’s Economic Growth in 1910-2000 – Assessing human capital accumulation inside the national accounts framework

10.00-10.30 Coffee, tea & croissants

  • Juan Flores Zendejas (Carlos III Madrid):
    Information Asymmetries, Borrowing costs and the Baring crisis
  • Esteban Nicolini (Carlos III Madrid) and Fernando Ramos (Valladolid):
    A Methodological Approach to Estimating the Money Demand in Pre‐industrial Economies: Probate Inventories and Spain in the 18th century

12.30- 2 pm Buffet Lunch

2 – 4 pm: Euroclio session 3
Chair: Pilar Nogues Marco (Sciences Po)

  • Jeremy Atack (Vanderbilt):
    Revisiting the Transportation Revolution: A GIS Approach
    with Fred Bateman (University of Georgia) and Robert A. Margo (Boston University)
  • Larry Neal (University of Illinois & LSE):
    Lord Londonderry (the Money Pitt), John Law, and the Mississippi and South Sea Bubbles

4 – 4.30 pm Coffee break

4.30 – 6.30 Euro-Clio Session 4
Chair: Stephen Quinn (Texas Christian University)

  • Rui Pedro Esteves (Oxford):
    A Fantastic Rain of Gold. European Migrants’ Remittances and Balance of Payments Adjustment During the Gold Standard
    (with David Khoudour-Castéras, University Externado de Bogota)
  • Marc Flandreau (Sciences Po and Graduate Institute of Geneva):
    Black Man’s Burden: Measured Philanthropy in the British Empire 1880-1914
    (with Olivier Accominotti, Sciences Po; Riad Rezzik, University of Paris 2 – Assas and Frédéric Zumer University of Paris 2 – Assas)

Registration: The participation to the workshop is free (of charge). However, in case of security check at the entrance of the building, it is preferable to send us an e-mail to inform us of your participation. Also, we will then be able to provide you with a sandwich for the lunch. Please get in touch with Linda Amrani : Linda.amrani(at)sciences-po.fr – replace (at) with @, phone : 01 45 49 59 32.

Map: internet, pdf

The « Amphithéâtre Albert Sorel » is located in the historical building of Sciences Po at the 27 of Saint Guillaume Street (building A on the map)
The room Jean Monnet is located at the 56 Jacob street (building S on the map).


  • Linda Amrani: Linda.amrani(at)sciences-po.fr – replace (at) with @, phone : 01 45 49 59 32.
  • Vincent Bignon


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