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2023-32 Ports and their influence on local air pollution and public health: a global analysis

César Ducruet, Hidekazu Itoh, Bárbara Polo Martin, Mame Astou Séné, Mariantonia Lo Prete, Ling Sun, Yoann Pigné

2023-31 Fairness of the First-Come, First-Served rule on the rental housing market: answers from a hypothetical survey experiment

Élisabeth Tovar, Mathieu Bunel

2023-30 Opportunistic Political Central Bank Coverage: Does media coverage of ECB’s Monetary Policy Impacts German Political Parties’ Popularity?

Hugo Oriola, Matthieu Picault

2023-29 Capital diversion in Vietnamese state-owned enterprises

Phu Nguyen-Van, Ngoc Minh Nguyen, Ngoc Anh Nguyen

2023-28 How Do Political Tensions and Geopolitical Risks Impact Oil Prices?

Valérie Mignon, Jamel Saadaoui

2023-27 Stated preferences outperform elicited preferences for predicting reported compliance with Covid-19 prophylactic measures

Phu Nguyen-Van, Thierry Blayac, Dimitri Dubois, Sebastien Duchene, Bruno Ventelou, Marc Willinger

2023-26 Uncertainty is bad for Business. Really?

Francisco Serranito, Nicolas Himounet, Julien Vauday

2023-25 Unpacking the green box: Determinants of Environmental Policy Stringency in European countries

Francisco Serranito, Donatella Gatti, Gaye-Del Lo

2023-24 Reasons Behind Words: OPEC Narratives and the Oil Market

Valérie Mignon, Celso Brunetti, Marc Joëts

2023-23 Is participatory democracy in line with social protest? Evidence from the French Yellow Vests movement

Benjamin Monnery, François-Charles Wolff

2023-22 Noncooperative Oligopoly in Markets with a Continuum of Traders and a Strongly Connected Set of Commodities: A Limit Theorem

Ludovic A. Julien, Francesca Busetto, Giulio Codognato, Sayantan Ghosal, Damiano Turchet

2023-21 On the impact of fiscal policy on inflation: The case of fiscal rules

Jocelyne Zoumenou

2023-20 Ambiguous consumer tastes and product differentiation

Olivier Kayser

2023-19 Information Shocks in the U.S. and Asset Mispricing in Emerging Economies

Antonia Lopez Villavicencio, Marc Pourroy

2023-18 The financial cost of stabilizing US farm income under climate change

Cécile Couharde, Rémi Generoso

2023-17 Is Quantitative Easing Productive? The Role of Bank Lending in the Monetary Transmission Process

Francisco Serranito, Philipp RODERWEIS, Jamel Saadaoui

2023-16 Toward an economic theory of populism: Uncertainty, Information, and Public Interest in Downs’s Political Economy

Alexandre Chirat, Cyril Hédoin

2023-15 The conditionality of monetary policy instruments

Christophe Blot, Paul Hubert, Jérôme Creel, Caroline Bozou

2023-14 Pollution in strategic multilateral exchange: taxing emissions or trading on permit markets?

Ludovic A. Julien, Anicet Kabre, Louis de Mesnard

2023-13 Inciting Family Healthy Eating: Taxation and Nudging

Moustapha Sarr

2023-12 Optimal self-protection and health risk perception: bridging the gap between risk theory and the Health Belief Model

Emmanuelle Augeraud-Véron, Marc Leandri

2023-11 Trust in the fight against political corruption: A survey experiment among citizens and experts

Benjamin Monnery, Alexandre Chirat

2023-10 Territoires d’industrie : hétérogénéité et convergence ?

Nadine Levratto, Mounir Amdaoud

2023-09 A Search Model with Self-Employment and Heterogeneity in Managerial Ability

Eliane El Badaoui, Olivier Bargain, Prudence Magejo, Eric Strobl, Frank Walsh

2023-08 Levels of uncertainty and charitable giving

Maria José Montoya Villalobos, Noémi Berlin

2023-07 Foreign Direct Investment and Strategic Minerals

Tanguy Bonnet

2023-06 Asymmetries in the oil market: Accounting for the growing role of China through quantile regressions

Valérie Mignon, Jamel Saadaoui

2023-05 Impact of climate change beliefs on farm households’ adaptation behaviors: the case of Ivory Coast.

Louise Ella Desquith

2023-04 Convergence on inflation and divergence on price-control among Post-Keynesian pioneers: insights from Galbraith and Lerner

Alexandre Chirat, Basile Clerc

2023-03 Current account balances’ divergence in the euro area: an appraisal of the underlying forces

Valérie Mignon, Carl Grekou, Emmanuelle Faure

2023-02 Effects of development aid (grants and loans) on the economic dynamics of the recipient country

Cuong LE-VAN, Ngoc Sang Pham, Thi Kim Cuong Pham

2023-01 Land allocation and the adoption of innovative practices in agriculture: a real option modelling of the underlying hidden costs

Marc Baudry, Edouard Civel, Camille Tévenart

2022-27 The spatial determinants of innovation diffusion: evidence from global shipping networks

César Ducruet, Hidekazu Itoh

2022-26 A Positive Effect of Uncertainty Shocks on the Economy: Is the Chase Over ?

Francisco Serranito, Julien Vauday, Nicolas Himounet

2022-25 Consumer sovereignty in the digital society

Alexandre Chirat

2022-24 Commodity currencies revisited: The role of global commodity price uncertainty

Laurent Ferrara, Aikaterina Karadimitropoulou, Athanasios Triantafyllou, Theodora Bermpei

2022-23 Optimizing portfolios in the illiquid, unlisted market of SME crowdlending

Bastien Lextrait

2022-22 Determinants of the Digital Divide: Evidence from France

Mathilde Aubouin

2022-21 Environmental Subsidies to Mitigate Transition risk

Eric Jondeau, Grégory Levieuge, Jean-Guillaume Sahuc, Gauthier Vermandel

2022-20 Incentives to differentiate under environmental liability laws : Product customization and precautionary effort

Eric Langlais, Andreea Cosnita-Langlais

2022-19 Not all political relation shocks are alike: Assessing the impacts of US-China tensions on the oil market

Valérie Mignon, Yifei Cai, Jamel Saadaoui

2022-18 Endogenous market structures, product liability, and the scope of product differentiation

Eric Langlais, Andreea Cosnita-Langlais

2022-17 Inland cities, maritime gateways, and international trade

César Ducruet, David Guerrero

2022-16 Shaky foundations Central bank independence in the 21st century

Laurence Scialom, Gaëtan Le Quang, Jérôme Deyris

2022-15 Spatial network analysis of container port operations: the case of ship turnaround times

César Ducruet, Hidekazu Itoh

2022-14 Infectious disease and endogenous cycles: lockdown hits two birds with one stone

David Desmarchelier, Magali Jaoul-Grammare, Guillaume Morel, Thi Kim Cuong Pham

2022-13 Composite effects of human, natural and social capitals on sustainable food-crop farming in Sub-Saharan Africa

Tuan Nguyen-Anh, Chinh Hoang-Duc, Tuyen Tiet, Phu Nguyen-Van, Nguyen To-The

2022-12 Maritime trade and economic development in North Korea

César Ducruet, In Joo Yoon

2022-11 Herbert Simon’s experience at the Cowles Commission (1947–1954)

Alexandre Chirat, Michaël Assous, Olivier Brette, Judith Favereau

2022-10 Lost in Negative Territory? Search for Yield!

Mattia Girotti, Guillaume Horny, Jean-Guillaume Sahuc

2022-09 Measurement of total factor productivity: Evidence from French construction firms

Abdoulaye Kané

2022-08 Winners and Losers of the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Excess Profits Tax Proposal

Céline Azémar, Rodolphe Desbordes, Paolo Melindi-Ghidi, Jean-Philippe Nicolaï

2022-07 The case of financial and banking integration of Central, Eastern and South Eastern European countries: A gravity model approach

Léonore Raguideau-Hannotin

2022-06 A robust structural electric system model with significant share of intermittent renewables under auto-correlated residual demand

Pierre Cayet, Arash Farnoosh

2022-05 Nudging for lockdown: behavioural insights from an online experiment

Phu Nguyen-Van, Thierry Blayac, Dimitri Dubois, Sebastien Duchene, Ismael Rafai, Bruno Ventelou, Marc Willinger

2022-04 A Tiering Rule to Balance the Impact of Negative Policy Rates on Banks

Jean-Guillaume Sahuc, Mattia Girotti, Benoît Nguyen

2022-03 Assessing the Impact of Basel III: Evidence from Structural Macroeconomic Models

Jean-Guillaume Sahuc, Olivier de Bandt, Hibiki Ichiue, Bora Durdu, Jolan Mohimont, Kalin Nikolov, Sigrid Roehrs, Valério Scalone, Michael Straughan, Yasin Mimir

2022-02 Bids for Speed: An empirical Study of Investment Strategy Automation in a Peer-to-Business Lending Platform

Eric Darmon

2022-01 The case for a Carbon Border Adjustment: Where do economists stand?

Alienor Cameron, Marc Baudry

2021-37 Learning by litigating: An application to antitrust commitments

Andreea Cosnita-Langlais, Jean-Philippe Tropeano

2021-36 Unintended Consequences of the Global Derivatives Market Reform

Pauline Gandré, Mike Mariathasan, Ouarda Merrouche, Steven Ongena

2021-35 The correspondence between Baumol and Galbraith (1957–1958) An unsuspected source of managerial theories of the firm.

Alexandre Chirat

2021-34 Innovation Performance and the Signal Effect: Evidence from a European Program

Aurélien Quignon, Nadine Levratto

2021-33 Designing acceptable anti-COVID-19 policies by taking into account individuals’ preferences: evidence from a Discrete Choice Experiment

Phu Nguyen-Van, Thierry Blayac, Dimitri Dubois, Sebastien Duchene, Marc Willinger, Bruno Ventelou

2021-32 Social incentive factors in interventions promoting sustainable behaviors: A meta-analysis

Phu Nguyen-Van, Anne Stenger, Tuyen Tiet

2021-31 Modeling ex-ante risk premia in the oil market

Remzi Uctum, Georges Prat

2021-30 La résilience des territoires français face à la crise. Une première évaluation de l’ampleur du choc

Lara Abdel Fattah, Mounir Amdaoud

2021-29 Port-city linkages and multi-level hinterlands: the case of France

Mounir Amdaoud, César Ducruet, Marc-Antoine Faure

2021-28 Attitudes on past-in-present educational discrimination. Insights from a representative factorial survey

Élisabeth Tovar, Matthieu Bunel

2021-27 When Berle and Galbraith brought political economy back to life : Study of a cross-fertilization (1933-1967)

Alexandre Chirat

2021-26 Economie du travail en prison : enjeux, résultats et recommandations

Benjamin Monnery, Saïd Souam, Anna Montagutelli

2021-25 Scaling up SME’s credit scoring scope with LightGBM

Bastien Lextrait

2021-24 Return spillovers between green energy indexes and financial markets: a first sectoral approach

Capucine Nobletz

2021-23 Dating business cycles in France: A reference chronology

Valérie Mignon, Antonin Aviat, Frédérique Bec, Claude Diebolt, Catherine Doz, Denis Ferrand, Laurent Ferrara, Eric Heyer, Pierre-Alain Pionnier

2021-22 Les cycles économiques de la France : une datation de référence

Valérie Mignon, Antonin Aviat, Frédérique Bec, Claude Diebolt, Denis Ferrand, Laurent Ferrara, Eric Heyer, Pierre-Alain Pionnier, Catherine Doz

2021-21 Misère du concept de dette publique

Baptiste Bridonneau

2021-20 Monetary autonomy of CESEE countries and nominal convergence in EMU: a cointegration analysis with structural breaks

Léonore Raguideau-Hannotin

2021-19 Monetary Policy and Business Cycle Synchronization in Europe

Rémi Odry, Roman Mestre

2021-18 Technological Progress and Carbon Price Formation: an Analysis of EU-ETS Plants

Anouk Faure, Marc Baudry

2021-17 Gestion du risque climatique : les déterminants des stratégies d’adaptation des agriculteurs en Afrique Subsaharienne

Louise Ella Desquith, Olivier Renault

2021-16 Survivors Benefits and Conjugal Behavior. Evidence from the Netherlands

Julie Tréguier, Simon Rabaté

2021-15 Privacy, Competition, and Multi-Homing

Jean-Marc Zogheib, Marc Bourreau

2021-14 Noncooperative oligopoly equilibrium in markets with hierarchical competition

Ludovic A. Julien

2021-13 Green Energy Indexes & Financial Markets: An In-Depth Look

Capucine Nobletz

2021-12 Macroeconomic effects of EU value chain participation

Antonia Lopez Villavicencio, Mariam Camarero, Cecilio Tamarit

2021-11 On the desirability of the West African monetary union

Carl Grekou, Cécile Couharde, Valérie Mignon

2021-10 European farmers’ responses to higher commodity prices: cropland expansion or forestlands preservation?

Chouaib Jouf, Laté Lawson

2021-09 Green consumption: The impact of trust and pessimism

Maria José Montoya Villalobos

2021-08 Monetary Policy and the Racial Unemployment Rates in the US

Hamza Bennani

2021-07 Corruption and distortion of public expenditures: Evidence from Africa

Harouna Sedgo, Luc-Désiré Omgba

2021-06 Do IMF Reports Affect Market Expectations ? A Sentiment Analysis Approach

Cécile Couharde, Hamza Bennani, Yoan Wallois

2021-05 Les effets de l’interaction entre les marchés financiers et la réglementation bancaire sur la structure des flux bancaires internationaux vers les pays émergents

Samira Hellou

2021-04 Public vs. Private Investments In Network Industries

Jean-Marc Zogheib, Marc Bourreau

2021-03 The policy drivers of self-employment: New evidence from Europe

Balázs Egert, Annabelle Mourougane, Mark Baker, Gábor Fülöp

2021-02 What do bankrupcty prediction models tell us about banking regulation? Evidence from statistical and learning approaches

Pierre Durand, Gaëtan Le Quang

2021-01 Walking the tightrope: avoiding a lockdown while containing the virus

Balázs Egert, Yvan Guillemette, Fabrice Murtin, David Turner

2020-34 Trajectory Based Distributionally Robust Optimization Applied to the Case of Electricity Facilities Investment with Significant Penetration of Renewables

Pierre Cayet, Arash Farnoosh

2020-33 Do oil-market shocks drive global liquidity?

Yao Axel Ehouman

2020-32 The Fata Morgana of Exchange Rate Regimes: Reconciling the LYS and the RR classifications

Carl Grekou, Cécile Couharde

2020-31 Dependence structure between oil price volatility and sovereign credit risk of oil exporters: Evidence using a Copula Approach

Yao Axel Ehouman


mardi 5 décembre 2023

Recherche et Economie et Socioéconomie Politique, des Institutions et des Régulations (RESPIR)

Clément Fontan (UC Louvain)

The ECB and the inflation monsters: strategic framing and the responsibility imperative (1998-2023)

jeudi 7 décembre 2023

Groupe de travail Economie Comportementale

Vincent Lenglin (Université Catholique de Lille)


jeudi 7 décembre 2023


Emmanuelle Faure

Explaining economic performances in the French employment zone: spatial externalities and related variety

lundi 11 décembre 2023

Law, Institutions and Economics in Nanterre (LIEN)

Bastien Michel (LEMNA, Nantes)

Measuring the Impact of Incarceration on Recidivism in Denmark

mercredi 13 décembre 2023

Économies du monde musulman

Chahir Zaki (LEO, Université d’Orléans)

Dette en Egypte : conjoncture défavorable ou structure vulnérable ?

jeudi 14 décembre 2023



Salle 101-102 à 12h

Opportunistic Political Central Bank Coverage: Does media coverage of ECB’s Monetary Policy Impacts German Political Parties’ Popularity?

jeudi 14 décembre 2023

Développement Durable Environnement et Energie (DDEE)

Emeline Bezin (CNRS/CREM)

Salle 101-102


jeudi 14 décembre 2023

Séminaire Econom’IA

Benjamin Ooghe-Tabanou (médialab - Sciences Po Paris)

Salle G614A de 11h à 12h30

Outils, méthodes et productions numériques à partir de données du web au médialab de Sciences Po

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