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2021-34 Innovation Performance and the Signal Effect: Evidence from a European Program

Aurélien Quignon, Nadine Levratto

2021-33 Designing acceptable anti-COVID-19 policies by taking into account individuals’ preferences: evidence from a Discrete Choice Experiment

Phu Nguyen Van, Thierry Blayac, Dimitri Dubois, Sebastien Duchene, Marc Willinger, Bruno Ventelou

2021-32 Social incentive factors in interventions promoting sustainable behaviors: A meta-analysis

Phu Nguyen Van, Anne Stenger, Tuyen Tiet

2021-31 Modeling ex-ante risk premia in the oil market

Remzi Uctum, Georges Prat

2021-30 La résilience des territoires français face à la crise. Une première évaluation de l’ampleur du choc

Lara Abdel Fattah, Mounir Amdaoud

2021-29 Port-city linkages and multi-level hinterlands: the case of France

Mounir Amdaoud, César Ducruet, Marc-Antoine Faure

2021-28 Attitudes on past-in-present educational discrimination. Insights from a representative factorial survey

Élisabeth Tovar, Matthieu Bunel

2021-27 When Berle and Galbraith brought political economy back to life : Study of a cross-fertilization (1933-1967)

Alexandre Chirat

2021-26 Economie du travail en prison : enjeux, résultats et recommandations

Benjamin Monnery, Saïd Souam, Anna Montagutelli

2021-25 Scaling up SME’s credit scoring scope with LightGBM

Bastien Lextrait

2021-24 Return spillovers between green energy indexes and financial markets: a first sectoral approach

Capucine Nobletz

2021-23 Dating business cycles in France: A reference chronology

Valérie Mignon, Antonin Aviat, Frédérique Bec, Claude Diebolt, Catherine Doz, Denis Ferrand, Laurent Ferrara, Eric Heyer, Pierre-Alain Pionnier

2021-22 Les cycles économiques de la France : une datation de référence

Valérie Mignon, Antonin Aviat, Frédérique Bec, Claude Diebolt, Denis Ferrand, Laurent Ferrara, Eric Heyer, Pierre-Alain Pionnier, Catherine Doz

2021-21 Misère du concept de dette publique

Baptiste Bridonneau

2021-20 Monetary autonomy of CESEE countries and nominal convergence in EMU: a cointegration analysis with structural breaks

Léonore Raguideau-Hannotin

2021-19 Monetary Policy and Business Cycle Synchronization in Europe

Rémi Odry, Roman Mestre

2021-18 Technological Progress and Carbon Price Formation: an Analysis of EU-ETS Plants

Anouk Faure, Marc Baudry

2021-17 Gestion du risque climatique : les déterminants des stratégies d’adaptation des agriculteurs en Afrique Subsaharienne

Louise Ella Desquith, Olivier Renault

2021-16 Survivors Benefits and Conjugal Behavior. Evidence from the Netherlands

Julie Tréguier, Simon Rabaté

2021-15 Privacy, Competition, and Multi-Homing

Jean-Marc Zogheib, Marc Bourreau

2021-14 Noncooperative oligopoly equilibrium in markets with hierarchical competition

Ludovic A. Julien

2021-13 Green Energy Indexes & Financial Markets: An In-Depth Look

Capucine Nobletz

2021-12 Macroeconomic effects of EU value chain participation

Antonia Lopez Villavicencio, Mariam Camarero, Cecilio Tamarit

2021-11 On the desirability of the West African monetary union

Carl Grekou, Cécile Couharde, Valérie Mignon

2021-10 European farmers’ responses to higher commodity prices: cropland expansion or forestlands preservation?

Chouaib Jouf, Laté Lawson

2021-09 Green consumption: The impact of trust and pessimism

Maria José Montoya Villalobos

2021-08 Monetary Policy and the Racial Unemployment Rates in the US

Hamza Bennani

2021-07 Corruption and distortion of public expenditures: Evidence from Africa

Harouna Sedgo, Luc-Désiré Omgba

2021-06 Do IMF Reports Affect Market Expectations ? A Sentiment Analysis Approach

Cécile Couharde, Hamza Bennani, Yoan Wallois

2021-05 Les effets de l’interaction entre les marchés financiers et la réglementation bancaire sur la structure des flux bancaires internationaux vers les pays émergents

Samira Hellou

2021-04 Public vs. Private Investments In Network Industries

Jean-Marc Zogheib, Marc Bourreau

2021-03 The policy drivers of self-employment: New evidence from Europe

Balázs Egert, Annabelle Mourougane, Mark Baker, Gábor Fülöp

2021-02 What do bankrupcty prediction models tell us about banking regulation? Evidence from statistical and learning approaches

Pierre Durand, Gaëtan Le Quang

2021-01 Walking the tightrope: avoiding a lockdown while containing the virus

Balázs Egert, Yvan Guillemette, Fabrice Murtin, David Turner

2020-34 Trajectory Based Distributionally Robust Optimization Applied to the Case of Electricity Facilities Investment with Significant Penetration of Renewables

Pierre Cayet, Arash Farnoosh

2020-33 Do oil-market shocks drive global liquidity?

Yao Axel Ehouman

2020-32 The Fata Morgana of Exchange Rate Regimes: Reconciling the LYS and the RR classifications

Carl Grekou, Cécile Couharde

2020-31 Dependence structure between oil price volatility and sovereign credit risk of oil exporters: Evidence using a Copula Approach

Yao Axel Ehouman

2020-30 How financial markets react to Total’s strategy of becoming a responsible energy major?

Margaux Escoffier

2020-29 Keep Working and Spend Less? Collective Childcare and Parental Earnings in France

Pierre Pora

2020-28 Are European cooperative banks more responsible?

Ouafa Ouyahia

2020-27 China’s debt relief actions overseas and macroeconomic implications

Gatien Bon, Gong Cheng

2020-26 Infrastructures and the real exchange rate

Florian Morvillier

2020-25 Should environment be a concern for competition policy when firms face environmental liability ?

Eric Langlais, Maxime Charreire

2020-24 Academic Convergence and Migration: the effect of the BolognaProcess on European Mobility.

Rémi Odry

2020-23 Monetary Policy and Housing Loan Default

George Overton, Barbara Castillo Rico

2020-22 China’s overseas Sovereign debt relief actions: What insights do recent cases provide?

Gatien Bon, Gong Cheng

2020-21 Création du FED : réunir la gestion de la monnaie et de la liquidité

Anne-Marie Rieu-Foucault

2020-20 The Contribution of Residential Segregation to Racial Income Gaps: Evidence from South Africa

Florent Dubois, Christophe Muller

2020-19 Emissions Trading with Transaction Costs

Anouk Faure, Marc Baudry, Simon Quemin

2020-18 Robustness of the Balassa-Samuelson effect: evidence from developing and emerging economies

Florian Morvillier

2020-17 The Wage-Maximisation Property

Christian Bidard

2020-16 Exchange rate predictive densities and currency risks: A quantile regression approach

Niango Ange Joseph Yapi

2020-15 Why do insurers fail? A comparison of life and non-life insolvencies using a new international database

George Overton, Olivier de Bandt

2020-14 It Takes a Village to Raise a Child. Impact Evaluation of the Training for Volunteers in Health and the Nutritional Recovery Cycles in West Guatemala

Juliana Yael Milovich, Elena Villar

2020-13 Taming Debt: Can GDP-Linked Bonds Do the Trick?

Sarah Mouabbi, Jean-Paul Renne, Jean-Guillaume Sahuc

2020-12 Qualité des études d’impact et travail parlementaire

Benjamin Monnery, Bertrand du Marais

2020-11 When are Google data useful to nowcast GDP? An approach via pre-selection and shrinkage

Laurent Ferrara, Anna Simoni

2020-10 Learning, house prices and macro-financial linkages

Pauline Gandré

2020-09 Currency misalignments and exchange rate regimes in Latin American countries: a trade-off issue

Valérie Mignon, Jorge Carrera, Blaise Gnimassoun, Romain Restout

2020-08 International Economic Sanctions: Multipurpose Index Modelling in the Ukrainian Crisis Case

Nady Rapelanoro, BALI Morad

2020-07 Pratiques et doctrine des banques centrales au défi du changement climatique : rupture ou continuité ?

Laurence Scialom

2020-06 Monetary Policy Transmission with Downward Interest Rate Rigidity

Jean-Guillaume Sahuc, Grégory Levieuge

2020-05 Are business angel-backed companies truly different? a comparative analysis of the financial structure

Julien Salin, Nadine Levratto

2020-04 Covid-19 : analyse spatiale de l’influence des facteurs socio-économiques sur la prévalence et les conséquences de l’épidémie dans les départements français

Nadine Levratto, Mounir Amdaoud, Giuseppe Arcuri

2020-03 Unconventional Monetary Policies: A Stock-Taking Exercise

Jean-Guillaume Sahuc, Christian Pfister

2020-02 Banks to basics! Why banking regulation should focus on equity

Pierre Durand, Gaëtan Le Quang

2020-01 Asymmetric price transmission along the food marketing chain: A focus on the recent price war.

Chouaib Jouf

2019-28 Determinants of investments in solar photovoltaic: Do oil prices really matter?

Valérie Mignon, Margaux Escoffier, Emmanuel Hache, Anthony Paris

2019-27 Credit Unions in Chile: What is their Role?

Antonio Lemus, Cristian Rojas

2019-26 The mental health consequences of globalisation

Antonia Lopez Villavicencio, Maria Cervini

2019-25 Profit vs morality: how unfair is labor market discrimination? Results from a survey experiment

Élisabeth Tovar, Matthieu Bunel

2019-24 Determinants of banks’ profitability: Do Basel III liquidity and capital ratios matter?

Pierre Durand

2019-23 Product liability when cumulative harm is incurred by both consumers and third parties

Eric Langlais, Tim Friehe, Elisabeth Schulte

2019-22 The Impact of the Expansion of African Palm Crop on Child Undernutrition in South-West Guatemala

Juliana Yael Milovich

2019-21 Market collusion with joint harm and liability sharing

Andreea Cosnita-Langlais, Maxime Charreire, Florian Baumann

2019-20 Prison, Semi-Liberty and Recidivism: Bounding Causal Effects in a Survival Model

Benjamin Monnery, François-Charles Wolff, Anaïs Henneguelle

2019-19 Volatility transmission between oil prices and banks stock prices as a new source of instability: Lessons from the US Experience

Yao Axel Ehouman

2019-18 Determinants of banks’ liquidity : a French perspective on market and regulatory ratio interactions

Sandrine Lecarpentier, Cyril Pouvelle, Olivier de Bandt

2019-17 Reexamining the growth effects of ENSO: the role of local weather conditions

Cécile Couharde, Rémi Generoso, Olivier Damette, Kamiar Mohaddes

2019-16 Exchange rate pass-through to import prices: Accounting for changes in the Eurozone trade structure

Valérie Mignon, Antonia Lopez Villavicencio

2019-15 Local Whittle Analysis of Stationary Unbalanced Fractional Cointegration Systems

Gilles de Truchis, Elena Ivona Dumitrescu, Florent Dubois

2019-14 Narrow-band Weighted Nonlinear Least Squares Estimation of Unbalanced Cointegration Systems

Gilles de Truchis, Elena Ivona Dumitrescu

2019-13 Having a child? Here is the bill – Parenthood, Earnings and Careers in an Internal Labor

Dominique Meurs, Elena Vilar, Claudio Lucifora

2019-12 Lower bank capital requirements as a policy tool to support credit to SMEs: evidence from a policy experiment

Sandrine Lecarpentier, Mathias Lé, Henri Fraisse, Michel Dietsch

2019-11 Banks’ Business Model and Credit Supply in Chile: The Role of a State-Owned Bank

Biron Miguel, Felipe Córdova, Antonio Lemus

2019-10 Firm soundness and knowledge externalities: a comparative regional analysis

Giuseppe Arcuri, Nadine Levratto, Aziza Garsaa, Lara Abdel Fattah

2019-09 Les banques coopératives ont-elles été plus performantes pendant les crises récentes ?

Ouafa Ouyahia

2019-08 Equity Risk Premium and Time Horizon: what do the French secular data say ?

Georges Prat, David Le Bris

2019-07 Les déterminants locaux de la participation numérique au Grand débat national : une analyse économétrique

Hamza Bennani, Pauline Gandré, Benjamin Monnery

2019-06 Heterogeneity within the euro area: New insights into an old story

Virginie Coudert, Cécile Couharde, Carl Grekou, Valérie Mignon

2019-05 Mind the Conversion Risk: a Theoretical Assessment of Contingent Convertible Bonds

Gaëtan Le Quang

2019-04 On the impact of capital and liquidity ratios on financial stability

Pierre Durand

2019-03 Mitigation strategies under the threat of solar radiation management

Fabien Prieur, Ingmar Schumacher, Martin Quaas

2019-02 Evaluating the Macroeconomic Effects of the ECB’s Unconventional Monetary Policies

Jean-Guillaume Sahuc, Sarah Mouabbi

2019-01 Fostering, Child Welfare, and Ethnic Cultural Values

Eliane El Badaoui, Lucia Mangiavacchi

2018-52 The effect of non-resident investments on the French sovereign spread

Pierre Bui Quang

2018-51 On the impact of the launch of the euro on EMU macroeconomic vulnerability

Florian Morvillier

2018-50 Renewable energy source integration into power networks, research trends and policy implications: A bibliometric and stakeholders survey analysis

Emmanuel Hache, Angélique Palle

2018-49 Bilan sur le consensus de Jackson Hole

Anne-Marie Rieu-Foucault


mardi 7 décembre 2021

Recherches en Economie Politique et Institutionnaliste (REPI)

Benjamin Lemoine (Université Paris Dauphine, PSL)

La souveraineté en négociation : droit, finance internationale et restructuration de dettes

jeudi 9 décembre 2021


Lorenzo Garlanda-Longueville

Why do banks have so much assets in tax havens ?

lundi 13 décembre 2021

LIEN : Law, Institutions and Economics in Nanterre

Andrea Mantovani (Toulouse Business School - Univ of Bologna)

Salle G413A

Regulating Platform Fees Under Price Parity

mardi 14 décembre 2021

Recherches en Economie Politique et Institutionnaliste (REPI)

Riyad Manseri

La codétermination en France : intégration des salariés dans les conseils d’administration du SBF120 depuis 2013

mercredi 15 décembre 2021

Économies du monde musulman

Roger Albinyana (Faculty of Economics of the University of Barcelona)


Energy Interdependence. The Political Economy of Algeria’s Natural Gas and the Natural Gas Value Chain in the Western Mediterranean (1990-2015)

jeudi 16 décembre 2021


Michel Lelart

Salle G301.302

Intervention sur la microfinance

lundi 3 janvier 2022

Professeurs invités

Margarita Rubio

jeudi 6 janvier 2022


Stéphane Matton

Backtesting ESG Ratings