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2018-52 The effect of non-resident investments on the French sovereign spread

Pierre Bui Quang

2018-51 On the impact of the launch of the euro on EMU macroeconomic vulnerability

Florian Morvillier

2018-50 Renewable energy source integration into power networks, research trends and policy implications: A bibliometric and stakeholders survey analysis

Emmanuel Hache, Angélique Palle

2018-49 Bilan sur le consensus de Jackson Hole

Anne-Marie Rieu-Foucault

2018-48 Cobb-Douglas preferences and pollution in a bilateral oligopoly market

Anicet Kabre

2018-47 The Fate of Inventions. What can we learn from Bayesian learning in strategic options model of adoption ?

Edouard Civel, Marc Baudry

2018-46 Exportations et exonérations, les deux vont-elles de pair ? Analyse empirique sur données individuelles d’entreprises françaises

Nadine Levratto, Aziza Garsaa

2018-45 The nexus between climate negotiations and low-carbon innovation: a geopolitics of renewable energy patents

Clément Bonnet, Samuel Carcanague, Emmanuel Hache, Gondia Sokhna Seck, Marine Simoën

2018-44 A Steeper slope: the Laffer Tax Curve in Developing and Emerging Economies

Zouhair Aït Benhamou

2018-43 On consumer preferences for (partial) products liability

Tim Friehe, Eric Langlais, Elisabeth Schulte

2018-42 Fossil fuel subsidies, income inequality and poverty. Evidence from developing countries

Cécile Couharde, Sara Mouhoud

2018-41 The effects of migration and remittances on development and capital in Caribbean Small Island Developing States

Zouhair Aït Benhamou, Lesly Cassin

2018-40 Dollar canadien et prix du pétrole : quelle causalité ?

Capucine Nobletz

2018-39 Stocks and Bonds: Flight-to-Safety for Ever?

Sessi Tokpavi, Christophe Boucher

2018-38 Do global value chains amplify global imbalances?

Antonia Lopez Villavicencio, Valérie Mignon

2018-37 Compétences externes et innovation: le cas des firmes de l’industrie manufacturière algérienne

Messaoud Zouikri, Mounir Amdaoud

2018-36 The fiscal impact of 30 years of immigration in France: an accounting approach

Ndeye Penda Sokhna, Lionel Ragot, Xavier Chojnicki

2018-35 Green, yellow or red lemons? Framed field experiment on houses energy labels perception.

Edouard Civel, Nathaly Cruz-Garcia

2018-34 Corporate Social Responsibility and workers’ motivation at the industry equilibrium

Victor Hiller, Natacha Raffin

2018-33 Dynamic Effects of the Chilean Fiscal Policy

Antonio Lemus

2018-32 Male reproductive health, fairness and optimal policies

Johanna Etner, Natacha Raffin, Thomas Seegmuller

2018-31 Les interventions de crise de la FED et de la BCE diffèrent-elles ?

Anne-Marie Rieu-Foucault

2018-30 The effects of migration and pollution externality on cognitive skills in Caribbean economies: a Theoretical analysis

Lesly Cassin

2018-29 Media Perception of Fed Chair’s Overconfidence and Market Expectations

Hamza Bennani

2018-28 Taking Diversity into Account: Real Effects of Accounting Measurement on Asset Allocation

Gaëtan Le Quang


Alphonse Noah, Luc Jacolin, Michael Brei

2018-26 The Nonlinear Relationship between Economic growth and Financial Development

Balázs Egert, Fredj Jawadi

2018-25 Term structure of interest rates: modelling the risk premium using a two horizons framework

Georges Prat, Remzi Uctum

2018-24 The tale of two international phenomena: International migration and global imbalances

Dramane Coulibaly, Blaise Gnimassoun, Valérie Mignon

2018-23 Term structure of bank flows to emerging countries: what effects of short- vs. long-term regulatory arbitrage are?

Samira Hellou

2018-22 Understanding the long run dynamics of French unemployment and wages

Michel-Pierre Chélini, Georges Prat

2018-21 Can Public and Private Sanctions Discipline Politicians? Evidence from the French Parliament

Benjamin Monnery, Maxime Le Bihan

2018-20 Aggregate multi-factor productivity: measurement issues in OECD countries

Balázs Egert

2018-19 The quantification of structural reforms: extending the framework to emerging market economies

Balázs Egert

2018-18 Oil windfalls might not be the problem in oil-producing countries: evidence from the impact of oil shocks on export diversification

Eric W. Djimeu, Luc-Désiré Omgba

2018-17 Imperfect Governance and Price Stickiness in Emerging Economies

Zouhair Aït Benhamou


Blaise Gnimassoun, C. John Anyanwu

2018-15 The role of exchange rate undervaluations on the inflation-growth nexus

Florian Morvillier

2018-14 Multivariate Periodic Stochastic Volatility Models: Applications to Algerian dinar exchange rates and oil prices modeling

Nadia Boussaha, Faycal Hamdi, Saïd Souam

2018-13 Politique monétaire et stabilité financière

Anne-Marie Rieu-Foucault

2018-12 Credit risk of foreign bank branches and subsidiaries in Argentina and Uruguay

Michael Brei, Carlos Winograd


Blaise Gnimassoun

2018-10 Existence and Optimality of Cournot-Nash Equilibria in a Bilateral Oligopoly with Atoms and an Atomless Part

Francesca Busetto, Giulio Codognato, Sayantan Ghosal, Ludovic A. Julien, Simone Tonin

2018-09 Regional Integration: Do intra-African trade and migration improve income in Africa?

Blaise Gnimassoun

2018-08 Is there a market value for energy performance in a local private housing market? An efficiency analysis approach

Déborah Leboullenger, Frédéric Lantz, Catherine Baumont

2018-07 Contribution de l’immigration à la demande des biens et services finaux en France

Ndeye Penda Sokhna

2018-06 Market Efficiency and Optimal Hedging Strategy for the US Ethanol Market

Emmanuel Hache, Anthony Paris

2018-05 Monetary Policy and Asset Price Bubbles

Christophe Blot, Paul Hubert, Fabien Labondance

2018-04 Impact du financement par fonds de pension sur la performance des entreprises du CAC 40.

Pierre Durand

2018-03 Upward Price Pressure in Two-Sided Markets: Incorporating Feedback Effects

Andreea Cosnita-Langlais, Bjørn Olav Johansen, Lars Sorgard

2018-02 Global Financial interconnectedness: A non-linear assessment of the uncertainty channel

Bertrand Candelon, Laurent Ferrara, Marc Joëts

2018-01 Réduction du ratio de dette publique : quels instruments pour quels effets ?

Benjamin Egron

2017-49 Microfoundations of the New Keynesian Phillips Curve in an Open Emerging Economy.

Zouhair Aït Benhamou

2017-48 Building Bridges for the Adoption of Deep Green Agri-environment Measures: The Emergence of Environmental Knowledge Brokers

Paolo Melindi-Ghidi, Tom Dedeurwaerdere, Giorgio Fabbri

2017-47 The long-term impact of U.S. aid on poverty alleviation: the role of a seat in the Security Council of the United Nations

Juliana Yael Milovich

2017-46 Model economic phenomena with CART and Random Forest algorithms

Benjamin David

2017-45 Understanding the Impact of Tuition Fees in Foreign Education: the Case of the UK.

Lionel Ragot, Michel Beine, Marco Delogu

2017-44 The Role of Fees in Foreign Education: Evidence From Italy.

Lionel Ragot, Michel Beine, Marco Delogu

2017-43 Welfarism and segregation in endogenous jurisdiction formation models

Rémy Oddou

2017-42 The effect of a local allowance on the endogenous formation of jurisdictions

Rémy Oddou

2017-41 L’impact des biocarburants sur les prix des matières premières agricoles

Capucine Nobletz

2017-40 The Importance of Oil in the Allocation of Foreign Aid: The case of the G7 donors

Cécile Couharde, Fatih Karanfil, Eric Gabin Kilama, Luc-Désiré Omgba

2017-39 EQCHANGE: A World Database on Actual and Equilibrium Effective Exchange Rates

Cécile Couharde, Anne-Laure Delatte, Carl Grekou, Valérie Mignon, Florian Morvillier

2017-38 The Eurozone Convergence through Crises and Structural Changes

Merih Uctum, Remzi Uctum, Chu-Ping C. Vijverberg

2017-37 Institutions and firms’ internationalization: an empirical analysis on three Middle East countries.

Nadine Levratto, Clarisse Nguedam Ntouko, Maarouf Ramadan

2017-36 Analysis of the job creation process in metropolitan areas: A spatial perspective

Marc Brunetto, Nadine Levratto

2017-35 Quorum Rules and Shareholder Power

Patricia Charléty, Marie-Cécile Fagart, Saïd Souam

2017-34 Obeying vs. resisting unfair laws. A structural analysis of the internalization of collective preferences on redistribution using classification trees and random forests

Sophie Harnay, Élisabeth Tovar

2017-33 Investor Relations’ Quality and Mispricing

Houdou Basse Mama, Rachidi Kotchoni

2017-32 On the seemingly incompleteness of exchange rate pass-through to import prices: Do globalization and/or regional trade matter?

Antonia Lopez Villavicencio, Valérie Mignon

2017-31 New firms’ bankruptcy: does local banking market matter?

Giuseppe Arcuri, Nadine Levratto

2017-30 On the current account – biofuels link in emerging and developing countries: do oil price fluctuations matter?

Gabriel Gomes, Emmanuel Hache, Valérie Mignon, Anthony Paris

2017-29 Differences in positions along a hierarchy: Counterfactuals based on an assignment model

Laurent Gobillon, Dominique Meurs, Sébastien Roux

2017-28 International Migration and Regional Housing Markets: Evidence from France

Hippolyte d’Ablis, Ekrame Boubtane, Dramane Coulibaly

2017-27 Point sur la fourniture de liquidié publique

Anne-Marie Rieu-Foucault

2017-26 Bankruptcy and the difficulty of firing

Nicolae Stef

2017-25 Globalisation Financière, Croissance et effets de seuil : Le Cas des pays en développement Les moins avancés

Brahim Gaies

2017-24 A Model of Influence on Trade Policy in a Computable General Equilibrium Model

Franck Viroleau

2017-23 Introducing global term structure in a risk parity framework

Lauren Stagnol

2017-22 Hierarchical competition and heterogeneous behavior in noncooperative oligopoly markets

Ludovic A. Julien

2017-21 Illiquid Collateral and Bank Lending during the European Sovereign Debt Crisis

Jean Barthélémy, Vincent Bignon, Benoît Nguyen

2017-20 Testing for Extreme Volatility Transmission with Realized Volatility Measures

Christophe Boucher, Gilles de Truchis, Elena Ivona Dumitrescu, Sessi Tokpavi

2017-19 Reguler la liquidité des actifs risqués

Anne-Marie Rieu-Foucault

2017-18 The Impact Of Regulations And Institutions On Multi-Factor Productivity: New Evidence From Macroeconomic Estimates

Balázs Egert

2017-17 Regulation, Institutions and Productivity: New Macroeconomic Evidence From OECD Countries

Balázs Egert

2017-16 Systemic risk and individual risk: A trade-off?

Tatiana Gaelle Yongoua Tchikanda

2017-15 The Quantification of Structural Reforms in OECD countries: A New Framework

Balázs Egert, Peter Gal

2017-14 Gérer la crise de 2007-2009: Un début de Politique des Liquidités

Anne-Marie Rieu-Foucault

2017-13 Hoarding international reserves and global liquidity expansion, what are the links and do they matter?

Nady Rapelanoro

2017-12 Inflation Targeting and the Forward Bias Puzzle in Emerging Countries

Dramane Coulibaly, Hubert Kempf

2017-11 On Oil-US Exchange Rate Volatility Relationships: an Intradaily Analysis

Fredj Jawadi, Wael Louhichi, Hachmi BEN AMEUR, Abdoulkarim Idi Cheffou

2017-10 Taking Diversity into Account: the Diversity of Financial Institutions and Accounting Regulation

Gaëtan Le Quang

2017-09 The impact of regulatory requirements on the banking flows to emerging countries

Samira Hellou, Michel Boutillier

2017-08 Comparer les mesures non conventionnelles de la FED et de la BCE : ce que disent les bilans des banques centrales.

Anne-Marie Rieu-Foucault

2017-07 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and sovereign bond spreads: an empirical analysis of OECD countries

Gunther Capelle-Blancard, Patricia Crifo, Marc-Arthur Diaye, Rim Oueghlissi, Bert Scholtens

2017-06 Workers or mothers? Czech welfare and gender role preferences in transition

Alzbeta Mangarella

2017-05 Forecasting economic activity in data-rich environment

Maxime Leroux, Rachidi Kotchoni, Dalibor Stevanovic

2017-04 Sustainability of an economy relying on two reproducible assets

Robert D. Cairns, Stellio Del campo, Vincent Martinet

2017-03 The French banking sector during the interwar: What lessons can be drawn from the stock market?

Raphaël Hekimian

2017-02 International equity portfolio diversification: a sectoral and security-by-security analysis

Pierre Bui Quang, Jonas Heipertz, Natacha Valla


mercredi 19 janvier 2022

Économies du monde musulman

Fateh Belaid (King Abdullah Petroleum and Research Center)

Mapping and understanding the drivers of fuel poverty in MENA countries: The case of Egypt and Jordan

jeudi 20 janvier 2022


Mathilde Aubouin

Déterminants des inégalités numériques chez les ménages français

lundi 24 janvier 2022

Law, Institutions and Economics in Nanterre (LIEN)

Tommaso Giommoni (ETH Zurich)

En visio

A Machine Learning Approach to Analyze and Support Anti-Corruption Policy

mardi 25 janvier 2022

Recherche et Economie et Socioéconomie Politique, des Institutions et des Régulations (RESPIR)

Alexandre Chirat

Aux origines des théories managériales de l’entreprise : la correspondance Baumol-Galbraith (1958-1959)

jeudi 27 janvier 2022


Emmanuelle Faure, Olivier Kayser, Jocelyne Zoumenou

Nouveaux doctorants

jeudi 27 janvier 2022

Groupe de travail Economie Comportementale

Fabio Galeotti


Information Acquisition and Social Norm Information

mardi 1 février 2022

Recherche et Economie et Socioéconomie Politique, des Institutions et des Régulations (RESPIR)

Nicolas LAURENCE (Université Lyon 2 & TRIANGLE)

Le déploiement des cryptomonnaies et des monnaies locales dans le cadre de la crise de légitimité de l’Euro

lundi 7 février 2022

Law, Institutions and Economics in Nanterre (LIEN)

Samuel Ferey (BETA)

Paradoxes de vote et décision des juges constitutionnels : une approche empirique sur le cas français

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