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2017-13 Hoarding international reserves and global liquidity expansion, what are the links and do they matter?

Nady Rapelanoro

2017-12 Inflation Targeting and the Forward Bias Puzzle in Emerging Countries

Dramane Coulibaly, Hubert Kempf

2017-11 On Oil-US Exchange Rate Volatility Relationships: an Intradaily Analysis

Fredj Jawadi, Wael Louhichi, Hachmi BEN AMEUR, Abdoulkarim Idi Cheffou

2017-10 Taking Diversity into Account: the Diversity of Financial Institutions and Accounting Regulation

Gaëtan Le Quang

2017-09 The impact of regulatory requirements on the banking flows to emerging countries

Samira Hellou, Michel Boutillier

2017-08 Comparer les mesures non conventionnelles de la FED et de la BCE : ce que disent les bilans des banques centrales.

Anne-Marie Rieu-Foucault

2017-07 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and sovereign bond spreads: an empirical analysis of OECD countries

Gunther Capelle-Blancard, Patricia Crifo, Marc-Arthur Diaye, Rim Oueghlissi, Bert Scholtens

2017-06 Workers or mothers? Czech welfare and gender role preferences in transition

Alzbeta Mangarella

2017-05 Forecasting economic activity in data-rich environment

Maxime Leroux, Rachidi Kotchoni, Dalibor Stevanovic

2017-04 Sustainability of an economy relying on two reproducible assets

Robert D. Cairns, Stellio Del campo, Vincent Martinet

2017-03 The French banking sector during the interwar: What lessons can be drawn from the stock market?

Raphaël Hekimian

2017-02 International equity portfolio diversification: a sectoral and security-by-security analysis

Pierre Bui Quang, Jonas Heipertz, Natacha Valla

2017-01 Les business angels, révélateurs, plus que moteurs, de l’engagement des entreprises dans l’innovation

Nadine Levratto, Maarouf Ramadan, Luc Tessier

2016-40 Forecasting U.S. Recessions and Economic Activity

Rachidi Kotchoni, Dalibor Stevanovic

2016-39 Growth-enhancing effect of openness to trade and migrations: What is the effective transmission channel for Africa?

Dramane Coulibaly, Blaise Gnimassoun, Valérie Mignon

2016-38 Media Coverage and ECB Policy-Making: Evidence from a New Index

Hamza Bennani

2016-37 Measuring Knowledge with Patent Data: an Application to Low Carbon Energy Technologies

Clément Bonnet

2016-36 The falling sperm counts story: A limit to growth?

Johanna Etner, Natacha Raffin, Thomas Seegmuller

2016-35 On the link between current account and oil price fluctuations in diversified economies: The case of Canada

Blaise Gnimassoun, Marc Joëts, Tovonony Razafindrabe

2016-34 Revisiting the optimal patent policy tradeoff for environmental technologies

Clément Bonnet

2016-33 Bank interest margins and regulation in Central America and the Caribbean

Anthony Birchwood, Michael Brei, Dorian Noel

2016-32 Estimation des échelles d’équivalence des ménages seniors et d’âge actif en France

Ikpidi Badji

2016-31 Currency Misalignments in emerging and developing countries: reassessing the role of Exchange Rate Regimes

Cécile Couharde, Carl Grekou

2016-30 Mind the employment gap: an impact evaluation of the Czech “multi-speed” parental benefit reform

Alzbeta Mangarella

2016-29 Energy transition in transportation under cost uncertainty- an assessment based on robust optimization

Claire Nicolas, Stéphane Tchung-Ming, Emmanuel Hache

2016-28 The land use change time-accounting failure

Marion Dupoux

2016-27 The Risk Parity Principle applied on a Corporate Bond Index using Duration Times Spread

Lauren Stagnol

2016-26 Does the exchange rate regime shape currency misalignments in emerging and developing countries?

Carl Grekou

2016-25 A New Behavioral Framework to Analyze Preferences Construction and Decision Processes Within The Modal Choice

Hugo Bois

2016-24 Incentivising Lending to Smes with the Funding for Lending Scheme: Some Evidence from Bank-Level Data in the United Kingdom

Olena Havrylchyk

2016-23 Expert opinion in a tort litigation game

Yves Oytana, Nathalie Chappe

2016-22 Post-reorganization survival: a semi-parametric and non-parametric analysis of firm characteristics

Lara Abdel Fattah, Sylvain Barthelemy, Nadine Levratto, Benjamin Trempont

2016-21 US Crashes of 2008 and 1929 How did the French market react? An empirical study

Raphaël Hekimian, David Le Bris

2016-20 The Curse of Conflict: understanding the effect of terrorism on fiscal volatility

Urbain Thierry Yogo

2016-19 Do markets learn to rationally expect US interest rates? Evidence from survey data

Georges Prat, Remzi Uctum

2016-18 Exchange rate pass-through in emerging countries: Do the inflation environment, monetary policy regime and institutional quality matter?

Antonia Lopez Villavicencio, Valérie Mignon

2016-17 Spillover effects of global liquidity’s expansion on emerging countries: evidences from a Panel VAR approach

Nady Rapelanoro

2016-16 Understanding the Decision Making Process of Sovereign Wealth Funds: The Case of Temasek

Jean-Yves Gnabo, Malik Kerkour, Christelle Lecourt, Hélène Raymond

2016-15 Predicting bank failures: The leverage versus the risk-weighted capital ratio

Xi Yang

2016-14 The Paradox of Plenty: A Meta-Analysis

Magali Dauvin, David Guerreiro

2016-13 On Noncooperative Oligopoly Equilibrium in the Multiple Leader-Follower Game

Ludovic A. Julien

2016-12 Determinants of corruption: Can we put all countries in the same basket?

Blaise Gnimassoun, Joseph Keneck Massil

2016-11 Sovereign spreads in emerging economies: do natural resources matter?

Magali Dauvin

2016-10 Reject inference in application scorecards: evidence from France

Ha Thu Nguyen

2016-09 Are the Laffer curve and the Green Paradox mutually exclusive?

Stefano Bosi, David Desmarchelier

2016-08 Gender inequalities in pensions: Are determinants the same in the private and public sectors?

Carole Bonnet, Dominique Meurs, Benoît Rapoport

2016-07 The Private Value of Plant Variety Protection and the Impact of Exemption Rules

Marc Baudry, Adrien Hervouet

2016-06 Beyond average energy consumption in the French residential housing market: A household classification approach

Emmanuel Hache, Déborah Leboullenger, Valérie Mignon

2016-05 The Effect of Biofuels on the Link between Oil and Agricultural Commodity Prices: A Smooth Transition Cointegration Approach

Anthony Paris

2016-04 Institutions, théories du changement institutionnel et déterminant de la qualité des institutions: les enseignements de la littérature économique

Joseph Keneck Massil

2016-03 Fluctuations in emerging economies: regional and global factors.

Zouhair Aït Benhamou

2016-02 Reassessing the empirical relationship between the oil price and the dollar

Virginie Coudert, Valérie Mignon

2016-01 On the impact of dollar movements on oil currencies

Gabriel Gomes

2015-41 The Role of International Reserves Holding in Buffering External Shocks

Jean-Pierre Allegret, Audrey Allegret

2015-40 Public law enforcers and political competition

Eric Langlais, Marie Obidzinski

2015-39 Designing a corporate bond index on solvency criteria

Lauren Stagnol

2015-38 Oil currencies in the face of oil shocks: What can be learned from time-varying specifications?

Jean-Pierre Allegret, Cécile Couharde, Valérie Mignon, Tovonony Razafindrabe

2015-37 Transmission du stress financier de la zone euro aux Pays de l’Europe Centrale et Orientale

Houda Rharrabti

2015-36 Preferences and pollution cycles

Stefano Bosi, David Desmarchelier, Lionel Ragot

2015-35 On the Quest of Resource blessing: Re-examining the effect of oil on Income Inequality

Urbain Thierry Yogo, Douzounet Mallaye, Gaëlle Tatiana Timba

2015-34 Towards Greater Diversification in Central Bank Reserves

Marie Brière, Valérie Mignon, Kim Oosterlinck, Ariane Szafarz

2015-33 Economie constitutionnelle en Afrique: analyse empirique du changement de l’article sur la limitation de mandat des présidents

Joseph Keneck Massil

2015-32 Spatial Mismatch through Local Public Employment Agencies? Answers from a French Quasi-Experiment

Matthieu Bunel, Élisabeth Tovar

2015-31 Enforcement of Merger Control : Theoretical insights for its Procedural Design

Andreea Cosnita-Langlais

2015-30 Rueff, Allais, et le chômage d’équilibre

Georges Prat

2015-29 Fondement historique de la qualité des institutions politiques : l’expérience parlementaire à l’indépendance

Joseph Keneck Massil

2015-28 Computer technology and probable job destructions in Japan: an evaluation

Benjamin David

2015-27 Who are the controlling shareholders? Degree and seniority of control, and CEO pay monitoring

Lionel Almeida

2015-26 Hydro-climatic thresholds and economic growth reversals in developing countries: an empirical investigation

Cécile Couharde, Rémi Generoso

2015-25 Evaluation du système financier Algérien : Construction d’un indice agrégé de stabilité bancaire

Hayet Abbad, Mohamed Achouche, Yamina Tadjeddine

2015-24 On the relevance of differentiated car purchase taxes in light of the rebound effect

Bénédicte Meurisse

2015-23 Currency misalignments and economic growth: the foreign currency-denominated debt channel

Carl Grekou

2015-22 Tax Policies and Informality in South Africa

Eliane El Badaoui, Riccardo Magnani

2015-21 Towards Recoupling? Assessing the Global Impact of a Chinese Hard Landing through Trade and Commodity Price Channels

Ludovic Gauvin, Cyril Rebillard

2015-20 External debt and real exchange rates’adjustment in the euro area: New evidence from a nonlinear NATREX model

Cécile Couharde, Serge Rey, Audrey Allegret

2015-19 La Théorie de la Modernisation : un Examen Empirique en Afrique

Joseph Keneck Massil

2015-18 Market pull instruments and the development of wind power in Europe: a counterfactual analysis

Marc Baudry, Clément Bonnet

2015-17 Heterogeneity in Macroeconomic News Expectations: A disaggregate level analysis

Imane El Ouadghiri

2015-16 Equity Prices and Fundamentals: a DDM-APT Mixed Approach

Fredj Jawadi, Georges Prat

2015-15 Estimating the Competitive Storage Model with Trending Commodity Prices

Christophe Gouel, Nicolas Legrand

2015-14 Jumps in Equilibrium Prices and Asymmetric News in Foreign Exchange Markets

Imane El Ouadghiri, Remzi Uctum

2015-13 The universal bank model: Synergy or vulnerability?

Michael Brei, Xi Yang

2015-12 What Are The Macroeconomic Effects of High-Frequency Uncertainty Shocks?

Laurent Ferrara, Pierre Guérin

2015-11 International Financial Shocks in Emerging Markets

Michael Brei, Almira Buzaushina

2015-10 The Evolution of Gender Wage Inequality in Senegal Following the Economic Partnership Agreements 

Franck Viroleau

2015-09 Exchange rate misalignments and the external balance under a pegged currency system

Blaise Gnimassoun

2015-08 Jordan and the Middle-Income Growth Trap: Arab Springs and Institutional Changes

Bénédicte Coestier

2015-07 Does the volatility of commodity prices reflect macroeconomic uncertainty?

Marc Joëts, Valérie Mignon, Tovonony Razafindrabe

2015-06 Social capital and access to primary health care in developing countries: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

Guillaume Hollard, Omar Séne

2015-05 Immigration Policy and Macroeconomic Performance in France

Hippolyte d’Albis, Ekrame Boubtane, Dramane Coulibaly

2015-04 An oddity property for cross-dual games

Christian Bidard

2015-03 Institutional Design and Antitrust Evidentiary Standards

Andreea Cosnita-Langlais, Jean-Philippe Tropeano

2015-02 Mitigation and adaptation are not enough: turning to emissions reduction abroad

Alain Ayong Le Kama, Aude Pommeret

2015-01 How is credit scoring used to predict default in China?

Ha Thu Nguyen

2014-61 On the effectiveness of devaluations in emerging and developing countries

Carl Grekou

2014-60 On the information and communication technologies – productivity nexus: a long-lasting adjustment period

Benjamin David

2014-59 The structure of fines in the light of political competition

Eric Langlais, Marie Obidzinski

2014-58 Independent directors: less informed, but better selected? New evidence from a two-way director-firm fixed effect model

Sandra Cavaco, Patricia Crifo, Antoine Rebérioux, Gwenael Roudaut

2014-57 Candidatures spontanées, réseaux et intermédiaires publics : quelle information et quels appariements sur le marché du travail français?

Guillemette de Larquier, Géraldine Rieucau

2014-56 (How) does sectoral detail affect the robustness of policy insights from energy system models? The refining sector’s example.

Claire Nicolas, Valérie Saint-Antonin, Stéphane Tchung-Ming


lundi 27 juin 2022

Law, Institutions and Economics in Nanterre (LIEN)

Miriam Buiten (St Gallen Univ)

En distanciel à 11H30

From intermediaries to moderators of the internet: Should online platforms be liable?

jeudi 30 juin 2022


Zoltán Szücs | Gagnie Pascal Yebarth

Salle 401-402

Le rôle de la police municipale dans la satisfaction des attentes de la population parisienne en termes de tranquillité publique | Politiques publiques et externalités dans les jeux stratégiques de marché

vendredi 1 juillet 2022

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9th Workshop on Economic Analysis of Litigation

lundi 4 juillet 2022

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Webinar conjoint sur l’environnement et la santé dans les villes maritimes

lundi 18 juillet 2022

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Workshop “Sustainability, Public Action, and Well-Being”

jeudi 1 septembre 2022

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Stéphane Méchoulan

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