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Fairness of the First-Come, First-Served rule on the rental housing market: answers from a hypothetical survey experiment

Élisabeth Tovar, Mathieu Bunel

Echoing recent policies implemented in Seattle and Portland, we examine perceptions of the fairness of the first-come, first-served (FCFS) rule in the context of discrimination in the rental housing market. We use an original hypothetical survey experiment in which a rental agent is confronted with the discriminatory preferences of his landlord clients. A sample of 1,541 respondents representative of the US population was asked about which choice was the best, from a moral point of view: to allocate rental units exclusively to the non-discriminated group, exclusively to the discriminated group, or to whichever group applied first (FCFS rule). Factorial manipulations included in the design are i) the cost of implementing the FCFS rule for the rental agent, who risks losing his landlord clients if he/she rents to the discriminated group, ii) peer effects, i.e., what other rental agents do and iii) which social norm (egalitarian, segregationist and pro-FCFS) is shared by members of the community. Consistent with the literature, we find that the FCFS rule ranks high among other normative principles, but that its cost has a causal effect on the support it receives from respondents. We also find that both peer effects and social norms have a causal effect on the support for the FCFS rule, with social norms having a stronger effect. Finally, we find that the respondents who are likely to experience discrimination are the least likely to support the FCFS rule.


mardi 5 décembre 2023

Recherche et Economie et Socioéconomie Politique, des Institutions et des Régulations (RESPIR)

Clément Fontan (UC Louvain)

The ECB and the inflation monsters: strategic framing and the responsibility imperative (1998-2023)

jeudi 7 décembre 2023

Groupe de travail Economie Comportementale

Vincent Lenglin (Université Catholique de Lille)


jeudi 7 décembre 2023


Emmanuelle Faure

Explaining economic performances in the French employment zone: spatial externalities and related variety

lundi 11 décembre 2023

Law, Institutions and Economics in Nanterre (LIEN)

Bastien Michel (LEMNA, Nantes)

Measuring the Impact of Incarceration on Recidivism in Denmark

mercredi 13 décembre 2023

Économies du monde musulman

Chahir Zaki (LEO, Université d’Orléans)

Dette en Egypte : conjoncture défavorable ou structure vulnérable ?

jeudi 14 décembre 2023



Salle 101-102 à 12h

Opportunistic Political Central Bank Coverage: Does media coverage of ECB’s Monetary Policy Impacts German Political Parties’ Popularity?

jeudi 14 décembre 2023

Développement Durable Environnement et Energie (DDEE)

Emeline Bezin (CNRS/CREM)

Salle 101-102


jeudi 14 décembre 2023

Séminaire Econom’IA

Benjamin Ooghe-Tabanou (médialab - Sciences Po Paris)

Salle G614A de 11h à 12h30

Outils, méthodes et productions numériques à partir de données du web au médialab de Sciences Po

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