About EconomiX

EconomiX (UMR CNRS 7235) is a research centre in economics operated by the University of Paris Nanterre and the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research).
With about 200 members, including around 60 PhD students, EconomiX is one of the four major research and training research centers in economics in Ile-de-France.
Research activities at EconomiX are structured around three complementary axes: 

  • Sustainable Development, Environment and Public Policy
  • Law, Institutions, Regulation and Strategic Interactions
  • International Macroeconomics, Banking and Financial Econometrics

EconomiX undertakes its research and co-operative relationships by developing partnerships with other French, European and international academic institutions, public authorities, and businesses.
The members of EconomiX are very active in the department of Economics, Management, Mathematics, and Computer Science (SEGMI) of the University of Paris Nanterre thanks to their involvement in transdisciplinary cooperations, and more specifically in the fields of law, management, sociology, history, and mathematics.
EconomiX is a partner of the doctoral School « Economics, Organization, Society », co-accredited with the Ecole des Mines de Paris, in partnership with ESSEC, ESCP and the Ecole Polytechnique. 


Director: Nadine Levratto

Deputy Director: Saïd Souam

General manager: Frédéric Hammerer

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