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Alice Nicole Sindzingre

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Present position

Research Fellow, National Centre for Scientific Research (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique-CNRS, Paris)-EconomiX, University Paris-West-Nanterre
Visiting Lecturer and Research Associate, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), Department of Economics, University of London.
Associate Researcher, Les Afriques dans le Monde (LAM) ("Africas in the World") (CNRS-Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Bordeaux)

Research topics

Development economics, theory of institutions, political economy, Sub-Saharan Africa.

Recent publications

- The Ambivalent Impact of Commodities: Structural Change or Status Quo in Sub-Saharan Africa?, South African Journal of International Affairs, vol. 20, n°1, pp. 23-55, 2013 (Special Issue: ‘Emerging’ Africa: Critical Transitions)

- Structural Change or Path Dependence? Assessing the Growth Paths of Sub-Saharan African Economies in the Early 21st Century, Milano, Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale (ISPI), ISPI Studies (special issue: African Fastest-Growing Economies between Myths and Opportunities), March 2013.

- The Impact of the 2008–2009 Crisis on Commodity-Dependent Low-Income African Countries: Confirming the Relevance of the Concept of Poverty Trap?, Journal of International Development, vol. 24, n°8, November, pp. 989–1007, 2012.
- The Relevance of Asian Growth Experiences for Sub-Saharan Africa: an Economics Perspective, International Politics Quarterly, vol. 33, n° 3, 2012, pp. 60-86 (Peking University, School of International Studies).

- Aid and Economic Development, in Thomas Spear ed., Oxford Bibliographies in African Studies, New York, Oxford University Press, 25-Oct-2012.
- The Reinterpretation of Neopatrimonialism by Development Economics, in Daniel C. Bach and Mamoudou Gazibo eds., The Neopatrimonial State in Africa and Beyond, London, Routledge, 2012, pp. 90-107.

- Madeuf, Bernadette and Alice Sindzingre, Growth, Democracy and Globalisation: Assessing the Links, in Francis Démier and Elena Musiani eds., La démocratie européenne à l’épreuve des changements économiques et sociaux, XIXe–XXe siècle, Actes du colloque international de la Maison de l’Europe Contemporaine (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense) Florence, 25-26 June 2007 ("La democrazia europea alla prova dei cambiamenti economici e sociali, XIX-XX secolo"), Bologna, Bononia University Press, 2011, pp. 145-168.

- Le néopatrimonialisme et ses réinterprétations par l'économie du développement, in Daniel C. Bach and Mamoudou Gazibo eds., L’Etat néopatrimonial : genèse et trajectoires contemporaines, Ottawa, Presses de l’Université d’Ottawa/University of Ottawa Press, 2011.
- The Conditions for Long-Term Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: China as a Model, a Constraint and an Opportunity, Bordeaux, Cahiers du Centre Emile Durkheim, working paper 9, July, 2011.
- The Uncertain Prospects of Commodity-dependent Developing Countries, in Machiko Nissanke ed., Challenges and Prospects for Commodity Markets in the Global Economy, London, Palgrave, 2010.
- Les programmes de stabilisation et d'ajustement structurel dans les pays en développement: rétrospectivement, quelles leçons?, Techniques Financières et Développement, n°92, September, pp. 31-42, 2008 (special issue: 25 years of cooperation). 
- The Multidimensionality of Poverty: an Institutionalist Perspective, in Nanak Kakwani and Jacques Silber eds., The Many Dimensions of Poverty, London, Palgrave Macmillan, 2007; based on: The Multidimensionality of Poverty: An Institutionalist Perspective, Brasilia, International Conference ‘The Many Dimensions of Poverty', International Poverty Centre (IPC), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), 2005.
- Financing the Developmental State: Tax and Revenue Issues, Development Policy Review, vol. 25, n°5, September, pp. 615-632 (Theme issue:  ‘Developmental States in the New Millennium', Verena Fritz and Alina Rocha Menocal eds.), 2007.
- Explaining Threshold Effects of Globalisation on Poverty: an Institutional Perspective,in Machiko Nissanke and Erik Thorbecke eds., The Impact of Globalization on the World's Poor: Transmission Mechanisms, London, Palgrave Macmillan, 2007; based on: Explaining Threshold effects of Globalisation on Poverty: an Institutional Perspective, Helsinki, UNU-WIDER Research Paper n°2005/53, 2005.
- (And Machiko Nissanke), Institutional Foundations for Shared Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, African Development Review, vol. 18, n°3, December, pp. 353-391, 2006; based on: Institutional Foundations for Shared Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, Accra, International Conference ‘Shared Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa', Cornell University-Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER-University of Ghana)-World Bank-DFID-USAID, 2005.
- The Relevance of the Concepts of Formality and Informality: A Theoretical Appraisal, in Basudeb Guha-Khasnobis, Ravi Kanbur and Elinor Ostrom eds., Linking the Formal and Informal Economy: Concepts and Policies, Oxford, Oxford UniversityPress and WIDER, 2006; based on: The Relevance of the Concepts of Formality and Informality: A Theoretical Appraisal, Helsinki, EGDI-WIDER International Conference 'Unlocking Human Potential: Linking the Informal and Formal Sectors', 2004.
- Reforms, Structure or Institutions? Assessing the Determinants of Growth in Low-Income Countries, Third World Quarterly, vol. 26, n°2, March, pp. 281-305, 2005.
- Truth', ‘Efficiency', and Multilateral Institutions: a Political Economy of Development Economics, New Political Economy, vol. 9, n°2, June, pp. 233-249, 2004.
- The Evolution of the Concept of Poverty in Multilateral Financial Institutions: the Case of the World Bank, in Morten Boas and Desmond McNeill eds., Global Institutions and Development: Framing the World?,  London, Routledge, 2004.
- Contracts, Norms and Political Economy: Sub-Saharan State Credibility and the Microeconomic Foundations of Developmental Taxation, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, vol. 16, n°1, pp. 89-103, 2003.

Working papers

- (and Christian Milelli), Outward Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Developed and Developing Countries: Converging Characteristics?, Paris, University Paris-West-Nanterre, EconomiX, working paper 2013-34, 2013.
- Growth Divergences and Cumulative Causation: Economics as a Social Science, Bordeaux, Congress of the French Association of Political Economy/Association Française d'Economie Politique (AFEP), University of Bordeaux, GRETHA, 3-5 July 2013.
- (and Lee Robinson), China's Ambiguous Impacts on Commodity-Dependent Countries: the Example of Sub-Saharan Africa (with a Focus on Zambia), Paris, University Paris-West, EconomiX, working paper 2012-39, 2012.
-Theoretical Criticisms and Policy Optimism: Assessing the Debates on Foreign Aid, Vienna, University of Vienna, Department of Development Studies (Institut für Internationale Entwicklung/IE), working paper 1, 2012.
- The Limitations of European Union's Interregionalism: the Example of the Economic Partnership Agreements in Sub-Saharan Africa, Bruges, United Nations University on Comparative Regional Integration Studies (UNU-CRIS), working paper 2012-1, 2012.
- Institutions, Growth and Development: a Conceptual Assessment, Bordeaux, European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE) Annual Conference, University Bordeaux-IV, GRETHA, 28-30 October 2010.
- (and Christian Milelli), The Uncertain Relationship between Corruption and Growth in Developing Countries: Threshold Effects and State Effectiveness, Paris, University Paris-West-Nanterre, EconomiX, working paper 2010-10, 2010.
- (and Albert-Enéas Gakusi), Credibility and Independence in Development Evaluation, Lisbon, European Evaluation Society (EES) Biennial Conference “Building for the Future: Evaluation in Governance, Development and Progress”, 1-3 October 2008.
- The European Union Economic Partnership Agreements with Sub-Saharan Africa, Bruges, United Nations University, Comparative Regional Integration Studies (UNU-CRIS), UNU-CRIS working paper W-2008/5, 2008.
- Assessing the Impact of Market Structures on Economic and Political Development in Sub-Saharan Africa, Bordeaux, CEAN (Centre d'Etude d'Afrique Noire), Institut d'Etudes Politiques/Institute of Political Studies, University Montesquieu-Bordeaux-IV, International Conference ‘Political Analysis on Africa, 50th Anniversary of the CEAN, 3-5 September 2008.
- Trade Structure as a Constraint to Multilateral and Regional Arrangements in Sub-Saharan Africa: the WTO and the African Union, Bruges, United Nations University-Comparative Regional Integration Studies (UNU-CRIS) working paper, W-2007/11, 2007.
-  Institutions, Legal Systems and Development: A Theoretical Contribution, London, Schoolof Orientaland African Studies (SOAS), Universityof London, International Conference “Change, Rules and Institutions: Law and Economics in the Context of Development”, September 2007.
- Financing Developmental Social Policies in Low-Income Countries: Conditions and Constraints, Geneva, United Nations, UNRISD Workshop on Financing Social Policy, March 2007.
- Poverty Traps: a Perspective from Development Economics, Pluridisciplinary Conference ‘Coordination et Sciences Sociales', EconomiX, University Paris X-Nanterre, 22 September 2006.
- Institutions, développement et pauvreté, Paris, Agence Française de Développement, working paper 20, July 2006. English version: Institutions, Development and Poverty, Paris, Agence Française de Développement, working paper 20, July 2006.
 - Financing the Developmental State: Tax and Revenue Issues, London, Overseas Development Institute (ODI), ODI Meetings Series '(Re)building Developmental States: From Theory to Practice', 5 April 2006.
- Institutions and Development: A Theoretical Contribution, mimeo, The Hague, Institute of Social Studies (ISS), Economic Research Seminar, 2005. First version: Conference ‘Economics for the Future', Cambridge, November 2003.

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