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Lesly Cassin

Jeunes docteurs et ATER
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  • Bureau à Paris Nanterre (Bât. + num.) G313H
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      Développement Durable, Environnement et Energie

PhD Candidate in Economics - Macroeconomics

Research topic : Economic growth, Population dynamics and Environment : Growth models for Caribbean SIDS Economies


Mentors: Prof. Alain Ayong Le Kama and Prof. Fabien Prieur

Ecole doctorale: Économie, Organisations, Société (EOS), obtention of public fund.



2014 – 2015        Master Degree in Economics of Environment, Energy and Transport (EEET) with high honors, Paris Nanterre University

2013 – 2014        Postgraduate Degree in Environment with honors, Paris Sud University

2013                   Bachelor Degree in Sciences and Technology, option Chemistry, Pierre et Marie Curie University

                           Bachelor Degree in Economics, Panthéon-Assas University



The effects of migration and pollution externality on cognitive skills in Caribbean economies: a Theoretical analysis, to appear

The effect of migration on development of Caribbean Small Island Developing States: An overlapping generations model in collaboration with Zouhair Ait-Benhamou, Work in progress


Conferences and Workshops

International Conference “Environmental Economics: A Focus on Natural Resources”, University of Orléans. 5-6 April 2018

4th Annual Conference of the French Association of Environmental and Resource Economists in Nancy.
12-13 September 2017

Workshop on Migration Economics, Paris School of Economics. 19-23 June 2017


Summer School on Migration Economics, Paris School of Economics. 19-23 June 2017


Teaching and Mentoring

Responsible for the organization of the Doctoral seminar, EconomiX, Paris Nanterre University (Sep. 2017- current)

Teaching assistant in Macroeconomic Policies for 2nd year Bachelor Degree (Sep. 2016– Dec. 2017)


Professional Experiences

Internship, Climate Economics Chair (Mar. – Apr. 2015)

  • Title : « Integration of Electric vehicles in the French fleet: the role of network services? »
  • Supervisors : Mr Hakim Hammadou and Pr Alain Ayong Le Kama, Professeur des Universités, laboratoire Economix, UPO.

Mission : Creation of a database in order to characterize the mobility of the French population. Statistical analysis of the National Study of Transport and Deplacements (ENTD)

Evaluation of the potential introduction of Electric vehicles in the Fench fleet, and the gain in terms of carbon emissions.


Internship, French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks (IFSTTAR) (May – Aug. 2014)

  • Title : What is a good price for a monetarisation of Carbon ? 
  • Supervisors : Ariane Dupont-Kieffer and Claire Papaix

Mission : Bibliographic research and redaction of a report for the BETTI (Environmental Assessments of transports in territories) project, in order to introduce the climate change impacts in local policies.


Internship, Inorganic Environmental Chemistry  Research center (Feb. – Aug. 2013)

  • Title : Silver speciation in surface water
  • Supervisors : Madjid Hadioui and Prof. Kevin Wilkinson

Mission : Analysis and optimization of Ion Exchange Technique (IET) in column for Silver in surface water

Communication : Madjid Hadioui, Lesly Cassin and Kevin Wilkinson, Development of analytical methods for studying the behavior of metal nanoparticles in diverse aqueous matrices : what are the good techniques for the related information ? Chapitre St-Laurent, Montréal, Québec, 6-7 juin 2013.




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