Photo Nathaly Cruz-Garcia

Nathaly Cruz-Garcia

  • Email
  • Tél. professionnel 0140977821
  • Bureau à Paris Nanterre (Bât. + num.) G313H
  • Research group

      Développement Durable, Environnement et Energie

  • Theme(s)
    • Marché de la rénovation énergétique
    • Bâtiments
    • Econométrie spatiale
    • Prix hédoniques
    • Approche dynamique
    • Interactions sociales

I am a PhD student in economics within Economix (University Paris-Nanterre) and the Climate Economics Chair. My research is funded by the CSTB, a public institution at the service of innovation in the building sector. My research focuses on micro level rational decisions when facing information imperfection and uncertainty regarding the results of investing in energy efficiency for dwellings. I study the role of direct interactions (based on social networks dynamical approaches) on the households decisions to invest in energy efficiency solutions. 

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