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Ndeye Penda Sokhna

Jeunes docteurs et ATER
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  • Tél. professionnel 0140975922
  • Bureau à Paris Nanterre (Bât. + num.) G209
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      Développement Durable, Environnement et Energie

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    • Migrations internationales
    • Finances publiques
    • Protection sociale
    • Consommation

Current position
Teaching assitant (ATER) at University Paris Nanterre
PhD  on economic of migration at University Paris Nanterre


Batiment G, Bureau 209


Tel: 0140975922

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Research interests
International migration,  Public finances, Consumption, social protection, Economic impacts of immigration.
2014-2017      PhD in Economics, University Paris Nanterre-EconomiX.
                      PhD supervisor Professor Lionel RAGOT
                    Thesis title: Economic impacts of immigration in France: Public finances and consumption.
                   Thesis commitee: Hyppolyte d’Albis, Michel Beine, Xavier Chojnicki, Jean-Christophe Dumont, Hubert Jayet.
2013-2014     Master 2 Degree Economics, University Paris Nanterre.
                                Master in International Economics, Macroeconomic Policies and Conjoncture
2011-2012     Master 1 Degree Economics, University Gaston Berger, Sénégal.
                            Master in Applied Economy
2009-2010     Diploma of Higher Education in Economic Science and Buisness Administration, University Gaston Berger, Sénégal.
2007-2008     Bachelor Degree , Lycée Seydina LimamouLaye, Sénégal
Seminars and conferences
June 2018 "Fiscal impact of immigration in France: a CGEM", Seminar, San Francisco,United States.
July 2017 "Consumption behaviors of natives and immigrants households in France", Summer school, Ined, Paris.
March 2017   "The fiscal impact of 30 years of immigration in France: an accounting analysis", Journée de l’école doctorale EOS, École des Mines, Paris.
June 2016      "The fiscal impact of 30 years of immigration in France: a static analysis", 65th Annual Meeting of the French Economic Association, Nancy.
Frebrary 2016 "The fiscal impact of 30 years of immigration in France: a static analysis", PhD Seminar EconomiX, University Paris Nanterre, Paris.
June 2015     "The fiscal impact of 30 years of immigration in France: a static analysis", Séminaire "Migrations: regards croisés", University Paris Nanterre, Paris.
March 2015     "Immigrants’ dependence to the welfare system in France: a comparison of three years in the last decade", Workshop: "Economic and social                 consequences of immigration: a stydy of some misconceptions about migration", Lille.
Professional and academic experiences
2018 (May - June) Visiting faculty at University of San Francisco
2015-2017 Teaching Assistant, University Paris Nanterre, Paris.
                     Macroeconomics (Licence 2)
                    International Macroeconomy (Master’s level)
2014 (May-September) Trainee economist, Demographic Transitions, Economic Transitions Chair, Paris.
                    Study of the French social protection system.
                    Consumption profiles of French households.
2012-2013 Educational Tutor, University Gaston Berger, Sénégal.
                    Mathematics and Economics (Licence 1)
2011 (August-September) Trainee economist, Department of Forecasting and Economic Studies (DPEE), Sénégal.
                    Estimation of the final consumption function: case of Senegal

2017-2018     International macroeconomics (1st year Master/Master 1 "Monnaie, Banque, Finance, Assurance" and Master 1 "Économie Appliquée"),  University Paris Nanterre

2015-2018     Introduction to macroeconomic policy (Licence 2),  University Paris Nanterre 
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