Ken Yahagi from Seikei University in Tokyo (Japan) will be at EconomiX from September 1 to October 1, 2023. His work has been published in the best international journals on issues of the economy of crime and law enforcement which interest several researchers of the DIRIS axis. In particular, several articles (criminal policy and political market/democracy) are directly based on recent work previously published by members of the DIRIS axis. This visit follows discussions that have remained informal until now on potential areas of research. It will make it possible to explore distinct possibilities and thus move forward on joint work. In addition, it is a question of reviving the relations initiated before the covid crisis with the most dynamic researchers of the L&E association in the Asian zone (discussions relating to international calls or educational projects). In parallel with the scientific project, he will provide a session of the LIEN seminar and readings in the Doctoral School and the Master’s in Economics of Law in M1 and M2. Individual interviews will also be organized with Economix doctoral students and second-year students of the Law Economics master’s degree.

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