Stéphane Méchoulan, professor of economics at the School of Public Administration at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, will stay at EconomiX in September 2022. He conducts research in the field of Law & Economics (L&E) which are part of the themes of the “Law, Institutions, Regulations and Strategic Interactions” axis of the laboratory. He has already had the opportunity to participate in exchanges with members of EconomiX, particularly during a previous visit in 2020. He will continue his work undertaken with Benjamin Monnery evaluating the experiment in progress, Assize courts without a citizen juror in several courts in France. This system will be generalized to the whole of France at the start of 2023. According to the Ministry of Justice, this legal innovation should make it possible to accelerate the timeframes for judgments of the most severe offenses ( crimes of up to 20 years imprisonment) to avoid the conventionalization of certain cases while offering quality justice. In parallel with the official evaluation, which the Government must carry out, an independent scientific assessment by a team of specialized researchers seems necessary. This project has been under construction for several months. It is the subject of international funding requests to support the collection of qualitative data and the quantitative data already obtained from the ministerial statistical services (Justice, Interior). Alongside the scientific projects developed with DIRIS researchers, he will provide a session of the LIEN seminar and a guest lecture for students of the Master’s in Economics of Law (EdD). It will also offer a doctoral seminar to doctoral students. Individual interviews will also organize with Master EdD students as well as EconomiX doctoral students who so wish, in particular, to advise them in their dissertation and thesis work.

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