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2020-1 "Asymmetric price transmission along the food marketing chain: A focus on the recent price war."

Chouaib Jouf

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This paper investigates the price transmission along the food marketing chain in France. We focus on this transmission at the upstream and downstream levels during the so-called "price war" waged by the retailers in the French market. To this aim, we rely on an asymmetric cointegration approach: the Nonlinear Autoregressive Distributed Lag (NARDL) model. We find that although the asymmetric price transmission is effective along the French food marketing chain, it is more pronounced at the downstream level, illustrating that agri-food companies are the main losers of the recent war price in the food sector.
C13, C22, Q11, Q13
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Food sector, Price transmission, Asymmetry, Nonlinear ARDL model
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