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Documents de travail 2010

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2010-1 Real exchange rate misalignments and economic performance for the G20 countries
Audrey Sallenave
2010-2 Les priorités de la prise en charge financière des soins. Une approche par la philosophie du besoin
Philippe Batifoulier, John Latsis et Jacques Merchiers
2010-3 Social responsibility and mean-variance portfolio selection
Bastien Drut
2010-4 A Family Hitch: Econometrics of the New and the Used Car Markets
Sylvain Prado
2010-5 Cooperation for Innovation in Payment Systems: The Case of Mobile Payments
Marc Bourreau et Marianne Verdier
2010-6 Exit routes in LBO projects
Ouidad Yousfi
2010-7 Risk and Sustainability: Is Viability that far from Optimality?
Michel De Lara, Vincent Martinet et Luc Doyen
2010-8 Complementarity Problems and General Equilibrium
Christian Bidard
2010-9 Déréglementer la profession d’avocat ? Les apories de l’analyse économique
Camille Chaserant et Sophie Harnay
2010-10 The Uncertain Relationship between Corruption and Growth in Developing Countries: Threshold Effects and State Effectiveness
Alice Nicole Sindzingre et Christian Milelli
2010-11 Analyse comparée de la productivité des firmes européennes à partir de données comptables: L'effet pays en cause
Denis Carré, Nadine Levratto et Messaoud Zouikri
2010-12 Sovereign Wealth Funds as domestic investors of last resort during crises
Hélène Raymond
2010-13 Security of supply in the European Gas Market
A model-based analysis

Ibrahim Abada et Olivier Massol
2010-14 A factor-augmented probit model for business cycle analysis
Christophe Bellégo et Laurent Ferrara
2010-15 Equilibre et possibilité de crises dans le modèle de reproduction élargie de Marx
Carlo Benetti, Alain Béraud, Edith Klimovsky et Antoine Rebeyrol
2010-16 Implied Risk-Neutral probability Density functions from options prices: A comparison of estimation methods
Rihab Bedoui et Haykel Hamdi
2010-17 On Legal Cooperation and the Dynamics of Legal Convergence
Bertrand Crettez, Bruno Deffains et Olivier Musy
2010-18 The Economics of Badmouthing: Libel Law and the Underworld of the Financial Press in France before World War I
Vincent Bignon et Marc Flandreau
2010-19 Maximin, Viability and Sustainability
Vincent Martinet et Luc Doyen
2010-20 Case Study of Three German Banks Stuck in the Subprime Crisis
Peixin ZHANG
2010-21 On the relationship between forward energy prices: a panel data cointegration approach
Marc Joëts
2010-22 Equity Risk Premium and Time Horizon : What do the U.S. Secular Data Say ?
Georges Prat
2010-23 Reproduction and temporary disequilibrium: a Classical approach
Carlo Benetti, Christian Bidard, Edith Klimovsky et Antoine Rebeyrol
2010-24 Floating European football clubs in the stock market
Michel Aglietta, Wladimir Andreff et Bastien Drut
2010-25 L. Walras and C. Menger: Two ways on the path of modern monetary theory
Andrés Alvarez et Vincent Bignon
2010-26 On the impact of US subsidies on world cotton prices: a meta-analysis approach
David Guerreiro
2010-27 The Impact of Governance on European Football Leagues’ Competitiveness
Bastien Drut et Gaël Raballand
2010-28 The determinants of growth for SMEs. A longitudinal study from French manufacturing firms
Nadine Levratto, Luc Tessier et Messaoud Zouikri