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Documents de travail 2012

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2012-1 The Impact of External Shocks in East Asia: Lessons from a Structural VAR Model with Block Exogeneity
Jean-Pierre Allegret, Cécile Couharde et Cyriac Guillaumin
2012-2 An Environmental-Economic Measure of Sustainable Development
Robert D. Cairns et Vincent Martinet
2012-3 Taux de change et mésalignements du franc CFA avant et après l’introduction de l’euro
Blaise Gnimassoun
2012-4 Is price dynamics homogeneous across Eurozone countries?
David Guerreiro, Marc Joëts et Valérie Mignon
2012-5 Income Distribution, Credit and Fiscal Policies in an Agent-Based Keynesian Model
Giovanni Dosi, Giorgio Fagiolo, Mauro Napoletano et Andrea Roventini
2012-6 International Financial Integration and Economic Growth: New Evidence on Threshold Effects
Jinzhao Chen et Thérèse Quang
2012-7 Fat-Tail Distributions and Business-Cycle Models
Guido Ascari, Giorgio Fagiolo et Andrea Roventini
2012-8 Water Conservation versus Soil Salinity Control
Alain Ayong Le Kama et Agnès Tomini
2012-9 Commitments in Antitrust
Philippe Choné, Saïd Souam et Arnold Vialfont
2012-10 L’effacement des dettes des particuliers surendettés : Une étude empirique des décisions judiciaires
Régis Blazy, Bertrand Chopard, Eric Langlais et Ydriss Ziane
2012-11 Risk and Sustainability: Assessing Fisheries Management Strategies
Vincent Martinet, Michel De Lara, Julio Peña-Torres et Héctor Ramírez Cabrera
2012-12 Fiscal Policy Reaction to the Cycle in the OECD: Pro- or Counter-cyclical?
Balázs Égert
2012-13 Effect of soil heterogeneity on the welfare economics of biofuel policies
Vincent Martinet
2012-14 Combining Rights and Welfarism: a new approach to intertemporal evaluation of social alternatives
Vincent Martinet et Ngo Van Long
2012-15 The nature of financial and real business cycles: The great moderation and banking sector pro cyclicality
Balázs Égert et Douglas Sutherland
2012-16 Labour Market Reforms and Outcomes in Estonia
Zuzana Brixiova et Balázs Égert
2012-17 Macroeconomic Policy in DSGE and Agent-Based Models
Giorgio Fagiolo et Andrea Roventini
2012-18 Nominal and Real Exchange Rate Models in South Africa: How Robust Are They?
Balázs Égert
2012-19 Financial variables as leading indicators of GDP growth: Evidence from a MIDAS approach during the Great Recession
Laurent Ferrara et Clément Marsilli
2012-20 The impact of macro news and central bank communication on emerging European forex markets
Balázs Égert et Evžen Kočenda
2012-21 Equilibres Multiples, Croissance Endogène et Politiques Publiques
Ali Abcha
2012-22 Local Job Accessibility Measurement: When the Model Makes the Results. Methodological Contribution and Empirical Benchmarking on the Paris Region
Matthieu Bunel et Élisabeth Tovar
2012-23 L’hégémonie retrouvée du centre de la métropole parisienne. L’apport d’une mesure de la ségrégation fonctionnelle des emplois
Lise Bourdeau-Lepage et Élisabeth Tovar
2012-24 Mood-misattribution effect on energy markets: a biorhythm approach
Marc Joëts
2012-25 The impact of changes in second pension pillars on public finances in Central and Eastern Europe
Balázs Égert
2012-26 On the allocation of talented people in developing countries: the role of oil rents
Christian Ebeke, Luc-Désiré Omgba et Rachid Laajaj
2012-27 The changing international transmission of US monetary policy shocks: is there evidence of contagion effect on OECD countries
Irfan Akbar Kazi, Hakimzadi Wagan et Farhan Akbar
2012-28 Testing for crude oil markets globalization during extreme price movements
Bertrand Candelon, Marc Joëts et Sessi Tokpavi
2012-29 Modeling the horizon-dependent risk premium in the forex market: evidence from survey data
Georges Prat et Remzi Uctum
2012-30 On currency misalignments within the euro area
Virginie Coudert, Cécile Couharde et Valérie Mignon
2012-31 Valuing patents using renewal data: an inquiry into the feasability of an automated patent scoring method
Marc Baudry et Béatrice Dumont
2012-32 Exchange rate pass-through to import prices in the Euro-area: a multicurrency investigation
Olivier de Bandt et Tovonony Razafindrabe
2012-33 Underestimation of probability modifications: characterization and economic implications
Johanna Etner et Meglena Jeleva
2012-34 Revisiting the theory of optimum currency areas: Is the CFA franc zone sustainable?
Cécile Couharde, Issiaka Coulibaly, David Guerreiro et Valérie Mignon
2012-35 Will technological progress be sufficient to stabilize CO2 emissions from air transport in the mid-term?
Benoît Chèze, Julien Chevallier et Pascal Gastineau
2012-36 Integer Programming and Nondictatorial Arrovian Social Welfare Functions
Francesca Busetto, Giulio Codognato et Simone Tonin
2012-37 Optimality of a monetary union : New evidence from exchange rate misalignments in West Africa
Issiaka Coulibaly et Blaise Gnimassoun
2012-38 Energy price transmissions during extreme movements
Marc Joëts
2012-39 China’s Ambiguous Impacts on Commodity-Dependent Countries: the Example of Sub-Saharan Africa (with a Focus on Zambia)
Lee Robinson et Alice Nicole Sindzingre
2012-40 Theoretical Channels of International,Transmission During the Subprime Crisis to OCDE Countries: A FAVAR Model Under Bayesian Framework
Olfa Kaabia et Ilyes Abid
2012-41 The Ricardo-Lemke parametric algorithm on oddity and uniqueness
Christian Bidard
2012-42 On the links between stock and commodity markets' volatility
Anna Creti, Marc Joëts et Valérie Mignon
2012-43 The Frail Grounds of the Ricardian Dynamics
Christian Bidard
2012-44 Public debt, economic growth and nonlinear effects: Myth or reality?
Balázs Égert
2012-45 Revisiting the hedonic price method to assess the implicit price of environmental quality with market segmentation
Marc Baudry et Masha Maslianskaïa-Pautrel
2012-46 Does Bayesian Shrinkage Help to Better Reflect What Happened during the Subprime Crisis?
Olfa Kaabia, Ilyes Abid et Khaled Guesmi
2012-47 Longevity, pollution and growth
Natacha Raffin et Thomas Seegmuller
Christian Bidard
2012-49 Noncooperative Oligopoly in Markets with a Continuum of Traders: A Limit Theorem
Francesca Busetto, Giulio Codognato et Sayantan Ghosal
2012-50 Les extensions contextuelles et structurelles du choix économique rationnel
Fabrice Tricou
2012-51 Modélisation non-linéaire de l'impact des TIC sur la productivité du travail
Benjamin David