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Documents de travail 2016

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2016-1 On the impact of dollar movements on oil currencies
Gabriel Gomes
2016-2 Reassessing the empirical relationship between the oil price and the dollar
Virginie Coudert et Valérie Mignon
2016-3 Fluctuations in emerging economies: regional and global factors.
Zouhair Aït Benhamou
2016-4 Institutions, théories du changement institutionnel et déterminant de la qualité des institutions: les enseignements de la littérature économique
Joseph Keneck Massil
2016-5 The Effect of Biofuels on the Link between Oil and Agricultural Commodity Prices: A Smooth Transition Cointegration Approach
Anthony Paris
2016-6 Beyond average energy consumption in the French residential housing market: A household classification approach
Emmanuel Hache, Déborah Leboullenger et Valérie Mignon
2016-7 The Private Value of Plant Variety Protection and the Impact of Exemption Rules
Marc Baudry et Adrien Hervouet
2016-8 Gender inequalities in pensions: Are determinants the same in the private and public sectors?
Carole Bonnet, Dominique Meurs et Benoît Rapoport
2016-9 Are the Laffer curve and the Green Paradox mutually exclusive?
Stefano Bosi et David Desmarchelier
2016-10 Reject inference in application scorecards: evidence from France
Ha Thu Nguyen
2016-11 Sovereign spreads in emerging economies: do natural resources matter?
Magali Dauvin
2016-12 Determinants of corruption: Can we put all countries in the same basket?
Blaise Gnimassoun et Joseph Keneck Massil
2016-13 On Noncooperative Oligopoly Equilibrium in the Multiple Leader-Follower Game
Ludovic A. Julien
2016-14 The Paradox of Plenty: A Meta-Analysis
Magali Dauvin et David Guerreiro
2016-15 Predicting bank failures: The leverage versus the risk-weighted capital ratio
Xi Yang
2016-16 Understanding the Decision Making Process of Sovereign Wealth Funds: The Case of Temasek
Jean-Yves Gnabo, Malik Kerkour, Christelle Lecourt et Hélène Raymond
2016-17 Spillover effects of global liquidity’s expansion on emerging countries: evidences from a Panel VAR approach
Nady Rapelanoro
2016-18 Exchange rate pass-through in emerging countries: Do the inflation environment, monetary policy regime and institutional quality matter?
Antonia Lopez Villavicencio et Valérie Mignon
2016-19 Do markets learn to rationally expect US interest rates? Evidence from survey data
Georges Prat et Remzi Uctum
2016-20 The Curse of Conflict: understanding the effect of terrorism on fiscal volatility
Urbain Thierry Yogo
2016-21 US Crashes of 2008 and 1929 How did the French market react? An empirical study
Raphaël Hekimian et David Le Bris
2016-22 Post-reorganization survival: a semi-parametric and non-parametric analysis of firm characteristics
Lara Abdel Fattah, Sylvain Barthelemy, Nadine Levratto et Benjamin Trempont
2016-23 Expert opinion in a tort litigation game
Yves Oytana et Nathalie Chappe
2016-24 Incentivising Lending to Smes with the Funding for Lending Scheme: Some Evidence from Bank-Level Data in the United Kingdom
Olena Havrylchyk
2016-25 A New Behavioral Framework to Analyze Preferences Construction and Decision Processes Within The Modal Choice
Hugo Bois
2016-26 Does the exchange rate regime shape currency misalignments in emerging and developing countries?
Carl Grekou
2016-27 The Risk Parity Principle applied on a Corporate Bond Index using Duration Times Spread
Lauren Stagnol
2016-28 The land use change time-accounting failure
Marion Dupoux
2016-29 Energy transition in transportation under cost uncertainty- an assessment based on robust optimization
Claire Nicolas, Stéphane Tchung-Ming et Emmanuel Hache
2016-30 Mind the employment gap: an impact evaluation of the Czech “multi-speed” parental benefit reform
Alzbeta Mullerova
2016-31 Currency Misalignments in emerging and developing countries: reassessing the role of Exchange Rate Regimes
Cécile Couharde et Carl Grekou
2016-32 Estimation des échelles d’équivalence des ménages seniors et d’âge actif en France
Ikpidi Badji
2016-33 Bank interest margins and regulation in Central America and the Caribbean
Anthony Birchwood, Michael Brei et Dorian Noel
2016-34 Revisiting the optimal patent policy tradeoff for environmental technologies
Clément Bonnet
2016-35 On the link between current account and oil price fluctuations in diversified economies: The case of Canada
Blaise Gnimassoun, Marc Joëts et Tovonony Razafindrabe
2016-36 The falling sperm counts story": A limit to growth?
Johanna Etner, Natacha Raffin et Thomas Seegmuller
2016-37 Measuring Knowledge with Patent Data: an Application to Low Carbon Energy Technologies
Clément Bonnet
2016-38 Media Coverage and ECB Policy-Making: Evidence from a New Index
Hamza Bennani
2016-39 Growth-enhancing effect of openness to trade and migrations: What is the effective transmission channel for Africa?
Dramane Coulibaly, Blaise Gnimassoun et Valérie Mignon
2016-40 Forecasting U.S. Recessions and Economic Activity
Rachidi Kotchoni et Dalibor Stevanovic