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Document de travail 2017-36

Analysis of the job creation process in metropolitan areas: A spatial perspective

Marc Brunetto et Nadine Levratto

Résumé :

This paper seeks to challenge the view that metropolitan areas are characterized by a general positive trend in the job creation process. It rests upon an empirical analysis of the 13 French metropolitan areas over the 2004-2010 period. The estimations of employment growth run using spatial econometrics modeling techniques show that spatial spillover effects intervene in the growth process of the areas under review and that density matters in determining the employment growth rate. We have been unable to identify a unique model of metropolitan dynamics. Indeed, each metropolitan area is characterized by a specific combination of explanatory variables which, finally, attests of the variety of the metropolitan frameworks.

Classification JEL : R11, R12, R50.

Mots-clés : Metropolitan areas; agglomeration effects; spatial econometrics; spillover effects.

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