Groupe de travail "Economie Comportementale"

  Organisation : Johanna Etner et Meglena Jeleva
Jeudi 04 Octobre 2018 (G614)
Carole Treibich (GAEL, Université Grenoble Alpes)
Risk preferences and HIV/AIDS: Evidence from Senegalese female sex workers

We investigate the role of preferences for risk on health and sexual behaviours of 805 female sex workers in Senegal, of whom 441 were surveyed twice at a two-year interval. Risk preferences were measured using simple incentivised risk elicitation tasks as well as domain specific risk-taking scales. We find that the experimental measure was poorly correlated with self-reported measures. We further find that risk preferences were highly stable across domains and fairly stable over time. Our main result indicates that risk preferences measured in the lab are a main predictor of sex workers' health and behaviours. We find that risk averse sex workers demand more preventive services and are less likely to engage in risky sex and, as a result, are less likely to be infected with sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS. Hence, our results conrm the role of risk preferences in the spread of HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Jeudi 18 Octobre 2018 (G614)
Béatrice Boulu-Reshef (CES, Université Paris 1)
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Jeudi 08 Novembre 2018 (G614)
Léontine Goldzahl (Edhec Business School)
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Jeudi 15 Novembre 2018 (G614)
Lisette Ibanez (LAMETA, INRA)
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Jeudi 29 Novembre 2018 (G614-A)
Romeo Fontaine (INED)
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Jeudi 13 Décembre 2018 (G614-A)
Nina Zerrar (Fondation Médéric Alzheimer)
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Jeudi 31 Janvier 2019 (G614)
Antoine Nebout (ALISS, INRA)
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Jeudi 28 Février 2019 (G614)
Wanda Mimra (IESEG)
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Jeudi 14 Juin 2018 (11h30)
Vincent de Gardelle (CES, CNRS, Université Paris 1)
Confidence as a common currency for learning
Jeudi 31 Mai 2018
Bertrand Chopard (LIRAES, Université Paris Descartes)
Public enforcement of law and ambiguity
Jeudi 24 Mai 2018 (à 11h)
Jonathan Sicsic (Université Paris-Descartes)
Choice certainty and deliberative thinking in discrete choice experiments. A theoretical and empirical investigation

En collaboration avec D.A. Regier et V. Watson

Jeudi 19 Avril 2018
Justine Jouxtel (PSE, Paris 1)
Voluntary Contribution of Time: time-based incentives in a VCM experiment
Jeudi 05 Avril 2018
Patricia Crifo (EconomiX)
Wages and CSR: entrenchment or ethics?

Co-écrit avec MA Diaye et S. Pekovic

Jeudi 08 Mars 2018
Frédéric Isel (MoDyCo, Université Paris Nanterre)
L'apport de la neuroimagerie dans l'étude du processus de prise de décision en situation d'incertitude
Jeudi 01 Février 2018
Pascale Bazoche (SMART-LERECO, INRA) et Sylvaine Poret (ALISS, INRA)
What do trout eat : acceptance of insects in animal feed
Jeudi 18 Janvier 2018
Jean-François Verlhiac (LAPPS, UFR SPSE, Université Paris Nanterre)
Do we really have to be afraid of a threat in order to act? The mediating role of fear in the persuasive effect of the vividness and framing of a message on personal motivation and the effectiveness of a diabetes screening program
Jeudi 07 Décembre 2017 (11h00)
Elias Bouacida (doctorant à PSE, ATER à Université Paris Nanterre)
Pay-for-Certainty, a Methodology and an Experiment to Assess Indifference and Incompleteness
Jeudi 23 Novembre 2017 (10h00)
Edouard Civel
Perception et Fiabilité des Labels verts
Jeudi 09 Novembre 2017 (11h00 en salle 614)
Kate Farrow (EconomiX)
Designing more effective norm interventions: The role of valence.
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