Francesco Parisi

University of Minnesota and University of Bologna
Lundi 23 Novembre 2009 - Jeudi 26 Novembre 2009

Francesco Parisi est invité à l’Université de Paris Ouest en ce mois de novembre 2009.
Dans ce cadre il donnera 4 conférences sur : ECONOMICS OF LAWMAKING

  • Lundi 23 novembre, 15h-18h : Regulation and Political Decision-Making
  • Mardi 24 novembre, 9h-12h : Common Law and the Evolution of Legal Precedent
  • Mardi 24 novembre, 14h-17h : Social Norms and Customary Law
  • Jeudi 26 novembre, 14h-17h : International Treaties as a Source of Law
Toutes les conférences auront lieu en salle K 103 sur le campus de Nanterre.
Lectures Description This seminar uses the methods of law and economics to examine alternative sources of law and to provide some insights for the institutional theory of lawmaking. The course will examine four different methods of lawmaking, described respectively as: (1) lawmaking through legislation (codified law); (2) lawmaking through adjudication (judge-made law); (3) lawmaking through practice (customary law); and (4) lawmaking through agreement (treaty law). The readings and class analysis aim at providing insight on the relative advantages and the respective limits of these alternative sources of law. We will consider some characterizing features of these lawmaking techniques and examine them with the aid of the formal methods of economic analysis and public choice theory. The readings will shed new light on the important issue of the institutional design of lawmaking, emphasizing the respective advantages and proper scope of application of legislation, judge-made law, customary law, and treaty law in the creation of a legal order.

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