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Competition and Regulation in Network Industries

de Jean-Marc Zogheib 2021 ISBN: 978-1-954750-99-9

While particularly dynamic and innovative, the digital and telecommunication industries are found to have a great tendency towards concentration, resulting in strong market power and raising concerns from competition and regulatory authorities. In this study focusing on such network industries, Jean-Marc Zogheib explores the interplay between public policy and firms’ strategies by combining various tools of theoretical economic analysis adopted from industrial economics, network economics, and platform economics.


Mr Zogheib’s thesis consists of three distinct essays: the first chapter examines how merger policy affects firms’ entry strategies, the second chapter shifts the focus to public intervention by considering how the coexistence of private and public players affects competition and investment, while the third chapter investigates the role of privacy in competition between digital platforms and the importance of consumer data in the competitive analysis of mergers.


This book clearly illustrates how economics can contribute essential building blocks to the construction of competitive reasoning and how the integration of competition law into economic models extended their collective utility. An important read for lawyers and economists alike.


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