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From an Eroding Model to Questioned Trade Relationships: the European Union and Sub-Saharan Africa


2016 - Vol.8 - pp.81-95

Alice Nicole Sindzingre

Insight on Africa

Fostering Structural Change? China’s Divergence and Convergence with Africa’s Other Trade and Investment Partners


2016 - Vol.8 - pp.12-44

Alice Nicole Sindzingre

African Review of Economics and Finance

‘Developmental’ Policies and Rent: Comparing Russia and Sub-Saharan Africa


2016 - Vol.54 - pp.69-91

Alice Nicole Sindzingre, Caroline Dufy

Commonwealth and Comparative Politics

Do markets learn to rationally expect US interest rates? Evidence from survey data


2016 - July 7-8

Georges Prat, Remzi Uctum

July 7-8

33d International Symposium on Money, Banking and Finance (GDRE)

Convergence of wages and their macroeconomic determinants in the Euro area


2016 - June 30- July 1

Georges Prat, Remzi Uctum

June 30- July 1

1st Wage - ILO workshop

Hierarchical Competition and Heterogeneous Behavior in Bilateral Oligopoly Markets


2016 - 24-25 November

Ludovic A. Julien

24-25 November

Strategic Interactions and General Equilibrium VII: Theories and Applications

A world trade leading index (WLTI)


2016 - Vol.146 - pp.111-115

Laurent Ferrara, Olivier Darné, Karim Barhoumi

Economics Letters

Les effets du CICE sur l’emploi, les salaires et la R&D: une évaluation ex post


2016 - Semptembre

Fabrice Gilles, Matthieu Bunel, Yannick L’Horty, Ferhat Mihoubi, Xi Yang


France Stratégie

La « figure de l’entrepreneur » est-elle absente de l’analyse économique?


2016 - Vol.19 - pp.106-116

Marc Baudry

Regards Croisés sur l'Économie

Increase in home bias in the Eurozone debt crisis: the role of domestic shocks


2016 - Vol.53 - pp.445-469

Pauline Gandré, Camille Cornand, Céline Gimet

Economic Modelling

Protocol for study of financial incentives for smoking cessation in pregnancy (FISCP): randomised, multicentre study


2016 - Vol.6

Noémi Berlin, Léontine Goldzahl, Florence Jusot, Ivan Berlin

BMJ Open

Global scientific research commons under the Nagoya Protocol: Towards a collaborative economy model for the sharing of basic research assets


2016 - Vol.55 - pp.1-10

Tom Dedeurwaerdere, Paolo Melindi-Ghidi, Arianna Brogiatto

Environmental Science and Policy

Combining internal and external motivations in multi-actor governance arrangements for biodiversity and ecosystem services


2016 - Vol.58 - pp.1-10

Tom Dedeurwaerdere, Paolo Melindi-Ghidi, Authors Other

Environmental Science and Policy

The dropbox and the ghosts


2016 - pp.147-159

Christian Bidard

Economic Theory and its History

Taylor et Francis

G., Freni;H.D., Kurz; A M, Lavezzi; R., Signorino

Gender Differences in Reaction to Feedback and Willingness to Compete


2016 - Vol.130 - pp.320-336

Noémi Berlin, Marie-Pierre Dargnies

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

An Exploratory Study on Creativity, Personality and Schooling Achievement


2016 - Vol.24 - pp.536-556

Noémi Berlin, Maud Besançon, Jean-Louis Tavani

Education Economics

On the Sources of Macroeconomic Stability in the Euro Area


2016 - Vol.83 - pp.40-63

Sanvi Avouyi-Dovi, Jean-Guillaume Sahuc

European Economic Review

The ECB’s Asset Purchase Programme: A Model-Based Evaluation


2016 - Vol.145 - pp.136-140

Jean-Guillaume Sahuc

Economics Letters

Endogenous jurisdictions formation and its segregative properties : a survey of the literature


2016 - Vol.126 - pp.356-378

Rémy Oddou

Revue d'Economie Politique

Firms localisation and sorting depending on the different local tax schemes


2016 - Vol.35 - pp.1782-1787

Rémy Oddou

Economics Bulletin

Better at Home than in Prison ? The Effects of Electronic Monitoring on Recidivism in France


2016 - Vol.59 - pp.629-667

Anaïs Henneguelle, Benjamin Monnery, Annie Kensey

Journal of Law and Economics

Consumer education: why the market doesn’t work


2016 - Vol.42 - pp.237-262

Sophie Bienenstock

European Journal of Law and Economics

Review of Alvaro Cencini and Sergio Rossi, « Economic and Financial Crisis: A New Macroeconomic Analysis », New York, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, pp. 282


2016 - Vol.24 - pp.225-227

Pierre-Hernan Rojas

History of Economic Ideas

Comment les médecins choisissent-ils leur lieu d’exercice ?


2016 - Vol.XXXI - pp.221-267

Magali Dumontet, Carine Franc, Anne-Laure Samson

Revue Française d'Economie

Sustainability of an economy relying on two reproducible assets



Robert D. Cairns, Stellio Del campo, Vincent Martinet

Other Histories of Recent Economics: A Survey


2016 - Vol.48 - pp.373-421

Philippe Fontaine

History of Political Economy

Walking the Tightrope: The Committee on the Behavioral Sciences and Academic Cultures at the University of Chicago, 1949–1955


2016 - Vol.52 - pp.349-370

Philippe Fontaine

Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences

Rationalité : de l’individu indépendant au sujet autonome


2016 - pp.224-228

Fabrice Tricou

Dictionnaire des conventions – Autour des travaux d’Olivier Favereau

Presses Universitaires du Septentrion

Philippe Batifoulier

Rueff, Allais et le chômage d’équilibre


2016 - Vol.126 - pp.1105-1147

Georges Prat

Revue d'Economie Politique

Regulation, institutions and productivity: new macroeconomic evidence from OECD countries


2016 - Vol.106 - pp.109-113

Balázs Egert

American Economic Review


lundi 23 mai 2022

Law, Institutions and Economics in Nanterre (LIEN)

Clara Jean (Grenoble Ecole de Management)

The Value of Your Data: Privacy and Personal Data Exchange Networks

lundi 30 mai 2022

Law, Institutions and Economics in Nanterre (LIEN)

Antoine Dubus (ETH Zurich)

Salle G110

Data Driven Mergers and Acquisitions with Information Synergies

mardi 31 mai 2022

Series of Webinars on Economics of Environment, Energy and Transport (SWEEET)

Juan Pablo Montero (PUC)


jeudi 9 juin 2022


Rémi Generoso


jeudi 9 juin 2022

Groupe de travail « Intelligence artificielle »

Hugo Le Picard (IFRI)

Salle G614B

Le deep learning au service de l’analyse des énergies renouvelables en Afrique

mardi 14 juin 2022

Series of Webinars on Economics of Environment, Energy and Transport (SWEEET)

Andrew Plantiga (UCSB)


mercredi 15 juin 2022

Économies du monde musulman

Amel Bouzid (CREAD, Alger)

Natural and Regulatory Underlying Factors of Food Dependency in Algeria

lundi 20 juin 2022

Law, Institutions and Economics in Nanterre (LIEN)

Wilfried Sand Zantman (ESSEC Business School)

Hitting the Right Target? Pricing and Advertising Strategies in Digital Markets

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