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Feeding the Cities and GHG emissions: Beyond the Food Miles Approach


2012 - 10-11 Mai

Anne Fournier, Stéphane De Cara, Carl Gaigné

10-11 Mai

Thematic Meeting of the French Economic Association: Economic Geography and Public Policies


Les attaquants les plus chers ne sont pas ceux qui marquent le plus



Bastien Drut

De Boeck

Optimality of a monetary union: New evidence from exchange rate misalignments in West Africa



Issiaka Coulibaly, Blaise Gnimassoun

“The Regulation of Quality in the Market for Legal Services : A Comparison of Institutional Arrangements”


2012 - 4-5 April

Camille Chaserant, Sophie Harnay

4-5 April

25th Consecutive Workshop in Law and Economics

Dead or Alive? The Ebbs and Flows of Keynesianism over the History of Macroeconomics


2012 - pp.77-102

Michel De Vroey

The General Theory: Seventy-five years later

Edward Elgar

Thomas, Cate

From One to Many Islands: The Emergence of Search and Matching Models


2012 - Vol.64 - pp.393-414

Michel De Vroey, Anna Batyra

Bulletin of Economic Research

Microfoundations: A Decisive Dividing Line between Keynesian and New Classical Macroeconomics ?


2012 - pp.168-189

Michel De Vroey, Pedro Garcia Duarte, Gilberto Tadeu Lima

Microfoundations Reconsidered: The Relationship of Micro and Macroeconomics in Historical Perspective

Edward Elgar

Pedro, Garcia Duarte, Gilberto, Tadeu Lima

Marshall and Walras: Incompatible Bedfellows ?


2012 - Vol.19 - pp.765-784

Michel De Vroey

European Journal of the History of Economic Thought

A New Theorem to Find Berge Equilibria


2012 - Vol.14 - pp.1-10

Tarik Tazdaït, Olivier Musy, Antonin Pottier

International Game Theory Review

From The Keynesian Revolution to the Klein-Goldberger Model: Klein and the Dynamization of Keynesian Theory


2012 - Vol.20 - pp.113-136

Michel De Vroey, Pierre Malgrange

History of Economic Ideas

Mésalignements du franc CFA et influence de la monnaie ancre


2012 - pp.91-119

Blaise Gnimassoun

Economie et Prévision

Deconstructing the materiality of financial practices. Towards a critical justification of shadow finance


2012 - 23 mai

Yamina Tadjeddine, Marc Lenglet

23 mai

Séminaire Etudes Sociales de la Finance

Klein et l’émergence de la modélisation macroeoconomique


2012 - pp.21-30

Michel De Vroey, Pierre Malgrange

Economie et Statistique

Deconstructing the materiality of financial practices. Towards a critical justification of shadow finance


2012 - 12 avril

Yamina Tadjeddine, Marc Lenglet

12 avril

Groupe de travail "Crise et Nouvelles régulations financières"

Macro-financial linkages and business cycles: A factor-probit approach


2012 - Vol.29 - pp.1793-1797

Laurent Ferrara, Christophe Bellégo

Economic Modelling

Souveraineté financière et légitimité politique : la démocratie réduite à l’expertise


2012 - 30 mai

Yamina Tadjeddine, Malik Bozzo-Rey

30 mai

12ème Journée d'Etudes sur les faillites

1. Macroeconomic forecasting during the Great Recession: The return of non-linearity?



Laurent Ferrara, Massimiliano Marcellino, Matteo Mogliani

Why bank liquidity needs to be regulated?


2012 - 2-4 Juillet

Sonia Ondo-Ndong, Peixin ZHANG

2-4 Juillet

Le 61ème Congrès de l'AFSE

The Governance of Intangibles: Rethinking Financial Reporting and the Board of Directors


2012 - Vol.36 - pp.279-293

Antoine Rebérioux, Yuri Biondi

Accounting Forum

Financialization and the Firm


2012 - pp.308-323

Michel Aglietta, Antoine Rebérioux

Handbook on the Economics and Theory of the Firm

Edward Elgar


The internationalization of Chinese car manufacturers



Christian Milelli, Françoise Hay, Yunnan Shi

Emerging economies and firms in the global crisis

Palgrave Macmillan


Les politiques de relance et de recentrage en Chine. Quelle place pour les investisseurs étrangers ?


2012 - Avril

Christian Milelli, Françoise Hay, Yunnan Shi


Ministère de l'Economie, des Finances et de l'Industrie

Financial variables as leading indicators of GDP growth: Evidence from a MIDAS approach during the Great Recession



Laurent Ferrara, Clément Marsilli

European Inroads by BRICs’ firms: the M&A avenue


2012 - 18-19 Juin

Christian Milelli, Jo Le Goff

18-19 Juin

EPI Conference 2012: The role of large emerging countries in the world economy: threats and opportunities for European firms

Chinese Multinationals in Europe


2012 - April 11-12

Christian Milelli, Françoise Hay

April 11-12

Conference on European Integration and Chinese FDI in the EU

Chinese economic presence across Europe


2012 - April 17

Christian Milelli

April 17

"Great China" and Europe relationships

What can meta-regression analysis tell us about variations in life cycle assessment (LCA) results for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions estimated for G2 and G3 biofuels?


2012 - 20-24 May

Benoît Chèze, Fabio Menten, Laure Patouillard, Frédérique Bouvart

20-24 May

6th SETAC World Congress / SETAC Europe 22nd Annual Meeting

What can meta-regression analysis tell us about variations in life cycle assessment (LCA) results for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions estimated for G2 and G3 biofuels?


2012 - 28-30 May

Benoît Chèze, Fabio Menten, Laure Patouillard, Frédérique Bouvart

28-30 May

7ème Colloque International MONDER

L’économie de l’énergie et du changement climatique


2012 - 30 March

Benoît Chèze

30 March

Série de 12 conférences organisées par l'OVSQ sur le thème

Will technological progress be sufficient to effectively lead the air transport to a sustainable development in the mid-term (2025)?


2012 - 16-19 June

Pascal Gastineau, Julien Chevallier, Benoît Chèze

16-19 June

the XII biennial conference of the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE)


mardi 17 mai 2022

Rencontres économiques

9h30 à 11h30

Comment se débarrasser des énergies fossiles et développer les énergies renouvelables dans un monde en crise ?

jeudi 19 mai 2022


Christophe Blot

Are all central bank asset purchases the same?

lundi 23 mai 2022

Law, Institutions and Economics in Nanterre (LIEN)

Clara Jean (Grenoble Ecole de Management)

The Value of Your Data: Privacy and Personal Data Exchange Networks

mardi 24 mai 2022

Recherche et Economie et Socioéconomie Politique, des Institutions et des Régulations (RESPIR)

Alice Sindzingre (CEPN) et Fabrice Tricou

De 13h30 à 15h30

Six forms of hierarchy for a theoretical analysis of capitalism

lundi 30 mai 2022

Law, Institutions and Economics in Nanterre (LIEN)

Antoine Dubus (ETH Zurich)

Salle G110

Data Driven Mergers and Acquisitions with Information Synergies

mardi 31 mai 2022

Series of Webinars on Economics of Environment, Energy and Transport (SWEEET)

Juan Pablo Montero (PUC)


jeudi 9 juin 2022


Rémi Generoso


jeudi 9 juin 2022

Groupe de travail « Intelligence artificielle »

Hugo Le Picard (IFRI)

Salle G614B

Le solaire décentralisé à l’assaut des villes africaines. Une analyse originale d’imagerie satellite et de Deep Learning

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