Unité mixte de recherche 7235

Gender Identity and Competition : A Virtual Reality Experiment

Intervenant : Nina Rapoport (Paris 1/PSE)

The study of gender differences in competitiveness has been a widely explored topic in experimental economics, with a focus on its contribution to the gender wage gap. Recent research in psychology has employed virtual reality (VR) to manipulate individuals’ embodiment in bodies with different characteristics, including gender. This has been shown to alter the perception of the self, with participants who underwent a ‘gender swap’ via VR identifying more with the opposite gender and exhibiting self-attribution of traits stereotypically associated with that gender, such as competitiveness. To test whether these self-reported results on attitudes extend to behavior, I examine the impact of such a virtual “gender swap” on selection into competitive environments in the lab. Although the VR intervention impacted several secondary outcomes, including overconfidence, it did not have a significant effect on the gender gap in tournament selection. The results have implications for the study of embodiment interventions and gender differences in competition.


lundi 3 avril 2023

Law, Institutions and Economics in Nanterre (LIEN)

Stefania Marcassa (CY Cergy)

En salle 614 et en distanciel

Migration, Social Change, and the Early Decline in U.S. Fertility

mardi 4 avril 2023

Recherche et Economie et Socioéconomie Politique, des Institutions et des Régulations (RESPIR)

Franck Bessis (Triangle et Université Lyon 2)

Une ethnographie de l’expertise économique d’Etat

mardi 4 avril 2023

Développement Durable Environnement et Energie (DDEE)

Etienne Lorang (Tilburg University)

Salle 614B de 16h00 – 17h00)

A CGE Integrating Material Stocks and Flows

jeudi 6 avril 2023


Axel Gautier (Université de Liège)

The energy community and the grid

mardi 11 avril 2023

Recherche et Economie et Socioéconomie Politique, des Institutions et des Régulations (RESPIR)

Fabrice Dannequin (Université de Reims champagne Ardenne & laboratoire REGARDS)

L’Etat et le capitalisme chez Schumpeter. Un parasite utile ?

jeudi 13 avril 2023

Groupe de travail Economie Comportementale

Claire Mollier

Salle 301-302

Gender, competitiveness, and reaction to defeat

jeudi 13 avril 2023


Pascal Yebarth

Salle G110, 12h-13h

Taxing Market Power in Strategic Bilateral Trade with Quasi-Linear Preferences

vendredi 14 avril 2023

Colloques et Workshops

12th PhD Student Conference in International Macroeconomics

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