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Ouvrages récents

Economie, Mathématique et Histoire. Hommage à Chistian Bidard.

Sous la direction de
Fabrice Tricou et Danielle Leeman
Hors-collection, Sciences humaines et sociales
ISBN : 978-2-84016-198-1
326 p.
(2014) Détails

Market Microstructure and Nonlinear Dynamics

Dufrénot, Gilles, Jawadi, Fredj, Louhichi, Waël (Eds.)

ISBN : 978-3-319-05211-3
267 p. (2014) Détails

Hommes/Femmes: Une impossible égalité professionnelle ?

Dominique Meurs
Paris : Ed. ENS Rue d'Ulm
Opuscule no. 32
ISBN : ISBN 978-2-7288-0508-2
106 p.
(2014) Détails

Stabilité financière

O. de Bandt,F. Drumetz,C. Pfister, Préface : J. Tirole
De Boeck – Ouvertures Economiques
ISBN : 978-2-8041-7473-6
344 p.
(2013) Détails

Tome 2 Banques et politique monétaire

A. Labye, Editions Archétype82 – L’Esprit des Lois
1ère Edition
ISBN : 9782 363 410 832
166 p.
(2013) Détails

Tome 1 Les modèles de base

C. Coudrat, A. Labye, Editions Archétype82 – L’Esprit des Lois
1ère Edition
ISBN : 9782 363 410 818
176 p.
(2013) Détails

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2014-47 The cost of pollution on longevity, welfare and economic stability
Natacha Raffin et Thomas Seegmuller
2014-46 Cross-Market Spillovers with ‘Volatility Surprise’
Sofiane Aboura et Julien Chevallier
2014-45 Regional dynamics and start-ups: Evidence from French departments in 2011
Nadine Levratto et Denis Carré
2014-44 Merit order effect and strategic investments in intermittent generation technologies
Silvia Concettini
2014-43 Does the Appeals Process Lower the Occurrence of Legal Errors?
Bertrand Chopard, Edwige Marion et Ludivine Roussey
2014-42 The Ways of Selecting Applicants Diversity Speaks in Favour of Diversity
Guillemette de Larquier et Emmanuelle Marchal
2014-41 On patent strength, litigation costs, and patent disputes under alternative damage rules
Bertrand Chopard, Thomas Cortade et Eric Langlais
2014-40 A post-Paretian concept of optimality: the “Conditional Agreement Point”
Fabrice Tricou
2014-39 Banking Union: Time Is Not On Our Side
Adrien Béranger, Jézabel Couppey Soubeyran et Laurence Scialom
2014-38 The increasing interest of Middle Eastern Sovereign Wealth Funds for Europe: presenting original data
Françoise Hay et Christian Milelli
2014-37 The ambiguous role of remittances in West African countries facing climate variability
Cécile Couharde et Rémi Generoso
2014-36 Does nominal rigidity mislead our perception of the exchange rate pass-through?
Olivier de Bandt et Tovonony Razafindrabe
2014-35 Robust Portfolio Protection: A Scenarios-Based Approach
Selim Mankai et Khaled Guesmi
2014-34 Pollution effects on labor supply and growth
Stefano Bosi, David Desmarchelier et Lionel Ragot
2014-33 Impacts of Immigration on Aging Welfare-State An Applied General Equilibrium Model for France
Xavier Chojnicki et Lionel Ragot
2014-32 Promoting innovation on the seed market and biodiversity: the role of IPRs and commercialisation rules
Marc Baudry et Adrien Hervouet
2014-31 La qualité des soins est-elle soluble dans la quantification ? Une critique du paiement à la performance médicale
Nicolas Da Silva
2014-30 To be a Mother, or not to be? Career and Wage Ladder in Italy and the UK
Eliane El Badaoui et Eleonora Matteazzi
2014-29 Enforcement vs Deterrence in Merger Control: Can Remedies Lead to Lower Welfare?
Andreea Cosnita-Langlais et Lars Sørgard
2014-28 Child Mortality in sub-Saharan Africa: Why Public Health Spending Matters
Carl Grekou et Romain Perez
2014-27 The Impact of the French Securities Transaction Tax on Market Liquidity and Volatility
Gunther Capelle-Blancard et Olena Havrylchyk
2014-26 Default Predictors in Credit Scoring - Evidence from France’s Retail Banking Institution
Ha Thu Nguyen
2014-25 Contribution of ICT on Labor Market Polarization: an Evolutionary Approach
Benjamin David
2014-24 The impact of the global and eurozone crises on European banks stocks Some evidence of shift contagion
Jean-Pierre Allegret, Hélène Raymond et Houda Rharrabti
2014-23 Net flows to emerging markets’ funds and the U.S. monetary policy after the subprime crisis
Henri Audigé
2014-22 The importance of the exchange rate regime in limiting current account imbalances in sub-Saharan African countries
Blaise Gnimassoun
2014-21 Does the Great Recession imply the end of the Great Moderation? International evidence
Amélie Charles, Olivier Darné et Laurent Ferrara
2014-20 On the impact of macroeconomic news surprises on Treasury-bond yields
Imane El Ouadghiri, Valérie Mignon et Nicolas Boitout
2014-19 Entrepreneurs and wage-earners: a monetary approach
Jean Cartelier
2014-18 A Nonparametric Test for Granger-causality in Distribution with Application to Financial Contagion
Bertrand Candelon et Sessi Tokpavi
2014-17 Expectation formation in the foreign exchange market: a time-varying heterogeneity approach using survey data
Georges Prat et Remzi Uctum
2014-16 Towards a clean vehicle fleet: from households’ valuation of fuel efficiency to policy implications
Bénédicte Meurisse et Maxime Le Roy
2014-15 Bank Failures and the Source of Strength Doctrine
Vincent Bouvatier, Michael Brei et Xi Yang
2014-14 Oil price shocks and global imbalances: Lessons from a model with trade and financial interdependencies
Jean-Pierre Allegret, Valérie Mignon et Audrey Sallenave
2014-13 Looking at the other side of carry trades: Are there any safe haven currencies?
Virginie Coudert, Cyriac Guillaumin et Hélène Raymond
2014-12 The Impact of Internal Migration on Local Labour Markets in Thailand
Eliane El Badaoui, Eric Strobl et Frank Walsh
2014-11 Imperfect competition, government spending and estimated markup
Ali Abcha
2014-10 Disequilibrium, reproduction and money: a Classical approach
Carlo Benetti, Christian Bidard, Edith Klimovsky et Antoine Rebeyrol
2014-9 The economic behaviour of doctors: medical altruism without an ethic?
Philippe Batifoulier et Nicolas Da Silva
2014-8 On the Political Economy of Public Safety Investments
Tim Friehe et Eric Langlais
2014-7 De l’aléa moral du patient aux inégalités d’accès aux soins
Philippe Batifoulier
2014-6 A multi-country DSGE model with incomplete Exchange Rate Pass-through: application for the Euro area
Tovonony Razafindrabe
2014-5 How macroeconomic imbalances interact? Evidence from a panel VAR analysis
Blaise Gnimassoun et Valérie Mignon
2014-4 Revisiting the nexus between currency misalignments and growth in the CFA Zone
Carl Grekou
2014-3 On the impact of oil price volatility on the real exchange rate – terms of trade nexus: Revisiting commodity currencies
Virginie Coudert, Cécile Couharde et Valérie Mignon
2014-2 Board independence and operating performance: Analysis on (French) company and individual data
Sandra Cavaco, Edouard Challe, Patricia Crifo, Antoine Rebérioux et Gwenael Roudaut
2014-1 Rueff et l’analyse du chômage : Quels héritages?
Georges Prat

Colloques et Workshops

Professeurs Invités


Théorie Economique - Cofail

  • Lundi 29 septembre 2014 (alle G101):
    Laurent Simula (Uppsala University and Uppsala Center for Fiscal Studies) :
    "Tax me if you can! Optimal nonlinear income tax between competing governments"

Séminaire Développement Durable Environnement et Economie Publique

  • mardi 3 juin 2014
    Mouez Fodha (Université d'Orléans) :
    "Harvesting terrorists"

Séminaire Doctorants

  • jeudi 22 Mai 2014
    Lara Abdel Fattah
    "Does Group-Affiliation Save Company from Bankruptcy? Recent Evidence From French Data"

Séminaire LIEN : Law, Institutions and Economics in Nanterre

Lunch Séminaire

  • jeudi 25 septembre 2014
    Sujoy Mukerji
    Incomplete Information Games with Smooth Ambiguity Preferences

Groupe de travail "Crise et nouvelles régulations financières"

  • jeudi 12 juin 2014, 14h30 17h
    Blaise Gadanecz
    "Foreign exchange intervention and the banking system balance sheet in emerging market economies"

Paris Environmental and Energy Economics Seminar

  • jeudi 5 juin 2014, Palais Brongniart
    Santiago Rubio (University of Valencia)
    "Sharing R&D Investments in Cleaner Tecnologies to Mitigate Climate Change"

    Estelle Gozlan (UMR Economie Publique - INRA AgroParisTech)
    "Trade Liberalization and Optimal Taxation with Pollution and Heterogeneous Workers"

Séminaire Conventions

  • Vendredi 16 mai 2014, 14h-16h, salle 413 A
    Rouslan Koumakhov (Reims Management School)
    "Identification sociale et crise financière"

Séminaire : Economie et Philosophie de l'Exploitation

  • Mardi 17 juin 2014 (17h15 ; salle A 304) :
    Laurent Cordonnier et Franck Van de Velde (Université de Lille 1),
    "L'exploitation dans une perspective post-keynésienne"