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Last 5 working papers published in REPEC

2020-26 "Infrastructures and the real exchange rate"
Florian Morvillier
2020-25 "Should environment be a concern for competition policy when firms face environmental liability ?"
Eric Langlais, Maxime Charreire
2020-24 "Academic Convergence and Migration: the effect of the BolognaProcess on European Mobility."
Rémi Odry
2020-23 "Monetary Policy and Housing Loan Default"
George Overton, Barbara Castillo Rico
2020-22 "China’s overseas Sovereign debt relief actions: What insights do recent cases provide?"
Gatien Bon, Gong Cheng


According to the CNRS categorization of journals in economics and management (June 2019, v. 5.05)

Last 3 publications in top-ranked journals

Couharde Cécile, Damette Olivier, Generoso Rémi, Mohaddes Kamiar, (2020), « The Growth Effects of El Niño and La Niña: Local Weather Conditions Matter », Annals of Economics and Statistics, (A paraître).
El Ouadghiri Imane, Peillex Jonathan, Ziegler Andreas, Guesmi Khaled, (2020), « Public Attention to Environmental Issues and Stock Market Returns », Ecological Economics, (A paraître).
El Ouadghiri Imane, Peillex Jonathan, Gomes Mathieu, Jaballah Jamil, (2020), « Extreme Heat and Stock Market Activity », Ecological Economics, (A paraître).


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