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Last 5 working papers published in REPEC

Blaise Gnimassoun, C. John Anyanwu
2018-15 "The role of exchange rate undervaluations on the inflation-growth nexus"
Florian Morvillier
2018-14 "Multivariate Periodic Stochastic Volatility Models: Applications to Algerian dinar exchange rates and oil prices modeling"
Nadia Boussaha, Faycal Hamdi, Saïd Souam
2018-13 "Politique monétaire et stabilité financière"
Anne-Marie Rieu-Foucault
2018-12 "Credit risk of foreign bank branches and subsidiaries in Argentina and Uruguay"
Michael Brei, Carlos Winograd


According to the CNRS categorization of journals in economics and management (December 2017, v. 5.02)

Last 3 publications in top-ranked journals

Jawadi Fredj, Chlibi Souhir, Cheffou Karim, (2018), « Computing Stock Price Comovements with a Three-Regime Panel Smooth Transition Error Correction Model », Annals of Operations Research, (A paraître).
Cherrier Béatrice, Saïdi Aurélien, (2018), « The Indeterminate Fate of Sunspots in Economics », History of Political Economy, (A paraître).
Jawadi Fredj, Jawadi Nabila, Idi Cheffou Abdoulkarim, (2018), « Uncertainty assessment in socially responsible and Islamic stock markets in the short and long terms: an ARDL approach », Applied Economics, (A paraître).
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