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Visiting professors

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Last 5 working papers published in REPEC

2021-16 "Survivors Benefits and Conjugal Behavior. Evidence from the Netherlands"
Julie Tréguier, Simon Rabaté
2021-15 "Privacy, Competition, and Multi-Homing"
Jean-Marc Zogheib, Marc Bourreau
2021-14 "Noncooperative oligopoly equilibrium in markets with hierarchical competition"
Ludovic A. Julien
2021-13 "Green Energy Indexes & Financial Markets: An In-Depth Look"
Capucine Nobletz
2021-12 "Macroeconomic effects of EU value chain participation"
Antonia Lopez Villavicencio, Mariam Camarero, Cecilio Tamarit


According to the CNRS categorization of journals in economics and management (June 2019, v. 5.05)

Last 3 publications in top-ranked journals

Amdaoud Mounir, Levratto Nadine, Arcuri Giuseppe, (2021), « Are regions equal in adversity? A spatial analysis of spread and dynamics of COVID‑19 in Europe », European Journal of Health Economics.
Monnery Benjamin, du Marais Bertrand, (2021), « Qualité des études d'impact et travail parlementaire », Revue d'Economie Politique, (A paraître).
Melindi-Ghidi Paolo, Boucekkine Raouf, Desbordes Rodolphe, Melindi-Ghidi Paolo, (2021), « A theory of elite-biased democracies », Mathematical Social Sciences, (A paraître).


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