• Séminaire "Doctorants"
    Zouhair Aït Benhamou (EconomiX)
    A Steeper slope: the Laffer Tax Curve in Developing and Emerging Economies

    Discutante sénior : Cécile Couharde

    Discutant junior : Maxime Charreire

  • "Lunch" Seminar
    Roxana Maurizio Del Lujan - Université de Buenos Aires - professeure invitée EconomiX
    Labor turnover in Latin America. How intensive is it and how differently does it behave across countries?
  • Groupe de travail "Economie Comportementale"
    Carole Treibich (GAEL, Université Grenoble Alpes)
    Risk preferences and HIV/AIDS: Evidence from Senegalese female sex workers

    We investigate the role of preferences for risk on health and sexual behaviours of 805 female sex workers in Senegal, of whom 441 were surveyed twice at a two-year interval. Risk preferences were measured using simple incentivised risk elicitation tasks as well as domain specific risk-taking scales. We find that the experimental measure was poorly correlated with self-reported measures. We further find that risk preferences were highly stable across domains and fairly stable over time. Our main result indicates that risk preferences measured in the lab are a main predictor of sex workers' health and behaviours. We find that risk averse sex workers demand more preventive services and are less likely to engage in risky sex and, as a result, are less likely to be infected with sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS. Hence, our results conrm the role of risk preferences in the spread of HIV/AIDS epidemic.

  • Séminaire "Économies du monde musulman II"
    Imène Laourari, Maître de conférences en économie appliquée à MDI-Algiers Business School
    Y-a-t-il plus à dire sur la malédiction des ressources ? Une étude comparative de la relation croissance-pétrole en Algérie, Iran et Venezuela


  • Séminaire "Doctorants"
    Rémi Odry (EconomiX)
    Titre à venir

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Working papers

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Last 5 working papers published in REPEC

2018-38 "Do global value chains amplify global imbalances?"
Antonia Lopez Villavicencio, Valérie Mignon
2018-37 "Compétences externes et innovation: le cas des firmes de l'industrie manufacturière algérienne"
Messaoud Zouikri, Mounir Amdaoud
2018-36 "The fiscal impact of 30 years of immigration in France: an accounting approach"
Ndeye Penda Sokhna, Lionel Ragot, Xavier Chojnicki
2018-35 "Green, yellow or red lemons? Framed field experiment on houses energy labels perception."
Edouard Civel, Nathaly Cruz-Garcia
2018-34 "Corporate Social Responsibility and workers' motivation at the industry equilibrium"
Victor Hiller, Natacha Raffin


According to the CNRS categorization of journals in economics and management (December 2017, v. 5.02)

Last 3 publications in top-ranked journals

Coulibaly Dramane, Kempf Hubert, (2019), « Inflation targeting and the forward bias puzzle in emerging countries », Journal of International Money and Finance, (A paraître).
Jawadi Fredj, (2019), « Understanding Oil Price Dynamics and their Effects over Recent Decades: An Interview with James Hamilton », Energy Journal, (A paraître).
Bennani Hamza, Neuenkirch Matthias, Kranz Tobias, (2018), « Disagreement Between FOMC Members and the Fed’s Staff: New Insights Based on a Counterfactual Interest Rate », Journal of Macroeconomics, vol.58, pp.139-153.


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