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Visiting professors

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Last 5 working papers published in REPEC

2021-9 "Green consumption: The impact of trust and pessimism"
Maria José Montoya Villalobos
2021-8 "Monetary Policy and the Racial Unemployment Rates in the US"
Hamza Bennani
2021-7 "Corruption and distortion of public expenditures: Evidence from Africa"
Harouna Sedgo, Luc-Désiré Omgba
2021-6 "Do IMF Reports Affect Market Expectations ? A Sentiment Analysis Approach"
Cécile Couharde, Hamza Bennani, Yoan Wallois
2021-5 "Les effets de l’interaction entre les marchés financiers et la réglementation bancaire sur la structure des flux bancaires internationaux vers les pays émergents"
Samira Hellou


According to the CNRS categorization of journals in economics and management (June 2019, v. 5.05)

Last 3 publications in top-ranked journals

Destrée Nicolas, Gente Karine, Nourry Carine, (2021), « Migration, Remittances and Accumulation of Human Capital with Endogenous Debt Constraints », Mathematical Social Sciences, (A paraître).
Levratto Nadine, Arcuri Giuseppe, Amdaoud Mounir, (2021), « Are regions equal in adversity ? A spatial analysis of the spread and dynamics of COVID-19 in Europe », European Journal of Health Economics, (A paraître).
Souam Saïd, Belarbi Yacine, Hamdi Faycal, Khalfi Abderaouf, (2021), « Growth, institutions and oil dependence: a buffered threshold panel approach », Economic Modelling, (A paraître).
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