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2019-27 "Credit Unions in Chile: What is their Role?"
Antonio Lemus, Cristian Rojas
2019-26 "The mental health consequences of globalisation"
Antonia Lopez Villavicencio, Maria Cervini
2019-25 "Profit vs morality: how unfair is labor market discrimination? Results from a survey experiment"
Élisabeth Tovar, Matthieu Bunel
2019-24 "Determinants of banks' profitability: Do Basel III liquidity and capital ratios matter?"
Pierre Durand
2019-23 "Product liability when cumulative harm is incurred by both consumers and third parties"
Eric Langlais, Tim Friehe, Elisabeth Schulte


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Last 3 publications in top-ranked journals

Chèze Benoît, Chevallier Julien, Berghmans Nicolas, Alberola Emilie, (2020), « On the CO2 emissions determinants during the EU ETS Phases I and II: a plant-level analysis merging the EUTL and Platts power data », Energy Journal, vol.41, n°4, pp.153-184.
Chèze Benoît, David Maia, Martinet Vincent, (2020), « Understanding farmers' reluctance to reduce pesticide use: A choice experiment », Ecological Economics, vol.167.
Rojas Pierre-Hernan, Brillant Lucy, (2020), « Central Banking under the Gold Standard: Rist versus Hawtrey on the Policy of the Bank of France from 1928 to 1931 », European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, vol.27, n°2, (A paraître).


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