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5 derniers documents de travail publiés dans REPEC

2020-27 "China’s debt relief actions overseas and macroeconomic implications"
Gatien Bon, Gong Cheng
2020-26 "Infrastructures and the real exchange rate"
Florian Morvillier
2020-25 "Should environment be a concern for competition policy when firms face environmental liability ?"
Eric Langlais, Maxime Charreire
2020-24 "Academic Convergence and Migration: the effect of the BolognaProcess on European Mobility."
Rémi Odry
2020-23 "Monetary Policy and Housing Loan Default"
George Overton, Barbara Castillo Rico


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3 dernières publications dans des revues de rang 1 et rang 2

Melcarne Alessandro, Ramello Giovanni Battista, Rok Spruk, (2020), « Is justice delayed justice denied? An empirical approach », International Review of Law and Economics, (A paraître).
Ehouman Yao Axel, (2020), « Volatility transmission between oil prices and banks’ stock prices as a new source of instability: Lessons from the United States experience », Economic Modelling, vol.91, pp.198-217.
Bennani Hamza, Baranowski Pawel, Doryn Wirginia, (2020), « Do the ECB's Introductory Statements Help Predict Monetary Policy? Evidence from a Tone Analysis », European Journal of Political Economy, (A paraître).


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