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2018-37 "Compétences externes et innovation: le cas des firmes de l'industrie manufacturière algérienne"
Messaoud Zouikri, Mounir Amdaoud
2018-36 "The fiscal impact of 30 years of immigration in France: an accounting approach"
Ndeye Penda Sokhna, Lionel Ragot, Xavier Chojnicki
2018-35 "Green, yellow or red lemons? Framed field experiment on houses energy labels perception."
Edouard Civel, Nathaly Cruz-Garcia
2018-34 "Corporate Social Responsibility and workers' motivation at the industry equilibrium"
Victor Hiller, Natacha Raffin
2018-33 "Dynamic Effects of the Chilean Fiscal Policy"
Antonio Lemus


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3 dernières publications dans des revues de rang 1 et rang 2

Coulibaly Dramane, Kempf Hubert, (2019), « Inflation targeting and the forward bias puzzle in emerging countries », Journal of International Money and Finance, (A paraître).
Jawadi Fredj, (2019), « Understanding Oil Price Dynamics and their Effects over Recent Decades: An Interview with James Hamilton », Energy Journal, (A paraître).
Bennani Hamza, Neuenkirch Matthias, Kranz Tobias, (2018), « Disagreement Between FOMC Members and the Fed’s Staff: New Insights Based on a Counterfactual Interest Rate », Journal of Macroeconomics, vol.58, pp.139-153.


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