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      Transitions, Environnement, Énergie, Institutions, Territoires

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Determinants of the Digital Divide: Evidence from France

Mathilde Aubouin

The COVID-19 crisis accelerated the digital transition and reinforced households' existing digital divide. This paper aims to identify determinants of digital inequalities in access, usage, and type of usage in France and the reasons for the non-access to the internet. Using French Institute of Statistics (INSEE) surveys between 2007 and 2019, we show that generation, education, and income are significant determinants of digital consumption. The gender digital gap exists only among older generations. The digital divide is mainly a problem of internet access in France. Disparities in usage narrow once an individual has access to and uses the internet. Based on our results, we recommend investing in digital education and implementing financial support to reduce the digital divide.
Mot(s) clé(s)
Digital Divide; Internet use; Internet access; Pseudo-panel methods; France
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