Photo Thi Kim Cuong Pham
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  • Office in Paris Nanterre


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      Transitions, Environnement, Énergie, Institutions, Territoires

  • Theme(s)
    • Economie publique
    • Economie du développement
    • Economie comportementale


Research interests

- Public economics (environmental regulations, public goods)

- Behavioral economics (interdependent preferences, social interaction, subjective well-being)

- Development economics (economic growth, status-seeking, foreign aid)

Current position

- 2020-: Professor, Department of Economics, University of Paris Nanterre

- 2012-: Member of the Labex program IDGM+ (Initiative pour le développement et la gouvernance mondiale) carried by FERDI (Clermont Ferrand, France) in partnership with CERDI and IDRRI.


- 2022: SMI-CNRS Fellowship for International Mobility

Previous professional appointments

- 2019: CNU-05 qualification for Professor position

- 2007-2020: Associate professor, Faculty of economics and management, University of Strasbourg

- 2005-2007: Associate professor, Faculty of economics and management, University of Clermont-Ferrand.

- 1999, June-July, statistical analyst at l'ULP-Industry (University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg) and Science and Technology Observatory (OST, Paris).

- 1998, June-July, statistical analyst at Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung (ZEW), Germany.

Training and education

- 2017: French Accreditation to supervise Doctoral Research (HDR), University of Strasbourg.

- 2001-2004: Ph.D. in Economics. University Louis Pasteur-Strasbourg I.

- 2000-2001: M.Sc. in Economics (DEA Analyse économique), University Louis Pasteur-Strasbourg I.


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