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Jérôme Deyris

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  • Bureau à Paris Nanterre (Bât. + num.) G309
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      Macroéconomie Internationale, Banque et Econométrie Financière

PhD candidate at University Paris Nanterre, under the supervision of Laurence Scialom

EconomiX lab, Chair Energy & Prosperity and Climate Economics Chair affiliated


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Thesis: From financial stability to climate stabilization: Financial regulation and central banking in the Capitalocene Era


My work is rooted in institutionalist economics, at the crossroads of Political economy and French Regulation theory. I am particularly interested in the way central banks and banking and financial regulators engage with the climate issue and how the role of the state in the allocation of capital has evolved over the course of accumulation regimes. For a more detailed description of my thesis, see here




2019 -          : PhD in economics, University Paris Nanterre (EconomiX)

2017 - 2019 : MA in economics & sociology ; University Paris Nanterre, EHESS

2014 - 2017 : BA in economics ; University Paris Nanterre 




2021/04 - It takes two to dance: Institutional dynamics and climate-related financial policies, with Emanuele Campiglio & Moritz Baer. LSE Grantham Institute Working paper N°356




2020 - 2021 : Portfolio Managment [MA students, 1st year]

2019 - 2021 : Industrial Economics [BA students, 3rd year]

2019 - 2020 : Micro Economics C [BA students, 2nd year]




2021 -          : Organizer of the doctoral seminar of Climate Economics Chair + Chair Energy and Prosperity

2020 -          : Organizer of the EconomiX doctoral seminar

2019 - 2020 : President of the IES Master Association



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