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Ouarda Merrouche

Tél. professionnel : 7787

Bureau à Paris Nanterre : G514

Axe de recherche : Macroéconomie Internationale, Banque et Econométrie Financière

Thèmes : Réglementation bancaire
macroéconomie financière



Habilitation à Diriger des Recherche 2015, Toulouse School of Economics, Directeur: Prof Jean-Charles Rochet

PhD in Economics 2005,European University Institute, Department of Economics, Florence, Italy

Master 2 (DEA) in Economics, Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne (Paris School of Economics)

BA and Master 1 in Economics, Université Lumière Lyon II, Lyon, France.

M.A. (D.U) in European StudiesInstitut D’Etudes Politiques SciencePo, Lyon, France




September 2014-August2016, Privat Docent and Research Fellow, University of Lausanne, DEEP, ERC project contributor

From February 2016, Part-time Lecturer, Global Institute at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. 

November 2012-September 2014, Researcher and Program Manager, Capacity Building for Central Banks, in collaboration with SECO and Graduate Institute Geneva, Courses and Research training for central bankers in Vietnam, Ghana, Tunisia, and Azerbaijan

February-July 2013 and 2014 Part-Time Lecturer, University of Bern, Department of Economics,

teaching the course Economics of Financial Regulation

August 2009 to October 2010, The World Bank Research Department DEC, Economist, Finance Research Group and External Consultant Chief Economist Financial Sector, Global Financial Development Report 2012




December 2010 to October 2012, European Commission (ESMA), Senior Economist, Research and Financial Stability Department

May 2007 to August 2009, The Bank of England, Economist-Data Analyst, Financial Stability Directorate, London UK




International Monetary Fund visiting scholarship, Kuwait Training Center April 2013,

Senior Fernand Fernand Braudel Fellowship, European University Institute, Department of Economics, Florence Italy, January 2006-January 2007

Marie Curie Fellowship, RTN network in Microdata Methods September 2003 to May 2005

Research Assistant Grant, Robert Schuman Center for Advance Studies, EURO-GULF Energy Project financed Florence Italy

CAREFIN Universita Bocconi Research Grant (Joint with Mike Mariathasan Oxford and Charlotte Werger EUI) 2013 BIS-GAMMA Foundation Research Award joint with Viral V. Acharya NYU Stern 2008 ENTER Fellowship,

IDEA program grant Universita Autonoma de Bracelona 2003-2004

LAVOISIER Fellowship for Doctoral Dissertation, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2000-2002)

European University Completion Grant, November 2004 -April 2005




Advanced Financial Macroeconomics, Masters 2, University Paris-Nanterre, Winter 2016-2017

Research Seminar on Financial Globalization, Masters 2 BMM, University Paris-Nanterre, Winter 2016-2017

Microprudential Regulation, Masters 2 BMM, University Paris-Nanterre, Winter 2016-2017

Savings, Wealth and Credit, BA, University Paris-Nanterre, Winter 2016 & Spring 2017

Money and Financial Intermediation, BA, University Paris-Nanterre, Spring 2017-2018

International Finance, Masters 1, University Paris-Nanterre, Spring 2017-2018

Economic Approach to Financial Regulation: Measurement and Regulation of Financial Risk, Masters, University of Bern, Spring 2013 and 2014,  Macroeconomic Policy (co-instructor), Masters, University of Lausanne, Winter, 2014,  Financial Institutions and Markets (co-instructor), Masters, University of Lausanne, Spring, 2015 Economic Policy seminar, 6 ETCS, Master level, University of Lausanne, Winter, 2015,  International Financial Markets and Policy, BA, Spring 2016, Lausanne, Intégration Monétaire et Financière Européenne, Master level, Spring 2016, Genève




Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Finance, Journal of Financial Intermediation, Journal of Money Credit and Banking,  Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Financial Stability, Journal of International Money and Finance,  Economic Notes, International Finance, International Review of Economics and Finance, World Development, African Development Review, Peace Economics Peace Science and Public Policy, Journal of Productivity Analysis, North American Economic Journal, Economics Letters.




Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Conference on « The Role of Money Markets », May 2008 International Monetary Fund, Brown Bag Seminar, May 2008 Banque de France, Conference on « Payment System Interdependencies », June 2008 Financial Intermediation Conference, Anchorage Alaska, June 2008 CREDIT Conference, University of Venice, September 2008 MMF conference, Birbeck College London, September 2008 Bank of Canada Research Conference, November 2008 World Bank, Finance Research Group, March 2009 Institute for Fiscal Studies, RTN conference, April 2009 Bank of England, Financial Stability Seminar, June 2009 NBER Crisis conference, June 2009 (co-author) ECB conference, “Challenges for Monetary Policy Beyond the Financial Crisis”, November 2009 IMF Institute, Macro seminar series, January 2010 CEPR-ECB Conference on Macroprudentional Policy, September 2010 BIS-ECB Conference 2011, (declined) Chicago Fed Conferences, three times in 2011 Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Banking Workshop, May 2011 Bocconi Banking Conference, Panel presenter, September 2011 CEPR Economic Panel meeting, Warsaw 2012 Bank of Cyprus-University of Cyprus Seminar Series, May 2012 (co-author attended) ECB High Level Conference on the Measurement of Financial Stability, June 2012 Banco do Brazil Seminar on Risk, Financial Stability, and Banking, August 2012 CSEF, Universitat Napoli II, scheduled December 2012 Oxford Said Business School, scheduled October 2012 EBRD seminars, scheduled October 2012 Graduate Institute, Geneva Brown Bag seminar, March 2013 Universita Bocconi, June 2013 University of Basel, September 2013 (co-author) European Finance Association Annual Meeting, Lugano, August 2014 University of Lausanne, Macro Workshop, September 2014 University of Montréal, Finance Seminar, October 2014 University Paris Dauphine (2 times), Finance Seminar, January and February 2015 University Aix-Marseille, Economics Seminar, January 2015 CEPR research conference in corporate finance, Oxford, March 2015 University of Lausanne, Micro Workshop, September 2015 International Monetary Fund, MCM seminar series, October 2015 World Bank, Marco-Trade-Finance seminar series, October 2015 University of Zurich, Finance School, January 2016, Research seminar, Paris-Nanterre, scheduled November 2016, Finance seminar, Paris 12, scheduled April 2017; World Finance Conference, Sardinia July 2017 (declined), AFFI conference, Valence France, June 2017




French: Native; English: Fluent; Spanish: Fair; Italian: Conversational





“Capital Inflows, Monetary Policy, and Financial Imbalances”, (with Erlend Nier (IMF)), IMF working papers No 10/265, CEPR DP 10015, Journal of International Money and Finance, October 2017

128 citations


“Countercyclical Foreign Currency Borrowing: Eurozone Firms in 2007-2009”, with Philippe Bacchetta UNIL, first draft January 2015, CEPR DP, presentation at the conference on Corporate Finance in Oxford March 2015 and at the World Bank October 2015, revise and resubmit


“The Manipulation of Basel Risk-Weights”, May 2012 (with Mike Mariathasan, Oxford University), Journal of Financial Intermediation, Volume 23, Issue 3, July 2014, Pages 300–321, 89 citations


“Bank Capital: Lessons from the Crisis”, (with Asli Demirguc-Kunt (World Bank) and Enrica Detragiache (IMF)), Journal of Money Credit and Banking, 45, Issue 6, pages 1147–1164, 2014, 221 citations


« Precautionary Hoarding of Liquidity and the Interbank Markets: Evidence from the Sub-Prime Crisis », (joint with Viral V. Acharya, NYU Stern), Review of Finance, 2013, 17, (1), 107-160246 citations


“Recapitalization, Credit, and Liquidity” (with Mike Mariathasan), Economic Policy2012,27, (72), 603-646, 12 citations


« Banks’ Intraday Liquidity Management during Operational Outages », (with Jochen Schanz, BoE), Journal of Banking and Finance vol. 34(2), pages 314-323, February 2010also featured in Financial Times Alphaville 2008


“Islamic Banking versus Conventional Banking: Business model, Efficiency, and Stability”, (with Asli Demirguc-Kunt and Thorsten Beck), Journal of Banking and Finance, 37, (2), 433-447, 2013, 403 citations, MOST DOWNLOADED PAPER


« Payment Systems, Inside Money and Financial Intermediation: the Introduction of Modern Payment Systems in Eastern Europe », (with Erlend Nier, IMF), Journal of Financial Intermediation, (Lead article), 2012, 21, (3), 359-382also featured in World Bank research digest 2009


« The Economics of Large-Value Payment and Settlement: Theory and Policy Issues for Central Banks », Manning M., Nier E., and Schanz J. Eds. (2009), Oxford University Press, Co—authored two Chapters


The Role of the State in the Provision of Financial Infrastructure”, main contributor, World Bank Global Financial Development Report Chapter V, September 2012


The Long Term Educational Cost of War: Evidence from Landmine Contamination in Cambodia », Journal of Development Studies vol. 47(3), pages 399-416, 2011


« Macro-Economic Consequences of Wars: Evidence from Landmine Clearance Program in Mozambique »,

Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy 2008, 14, (1), 1-18




“The Stabilizing Role of Dollar Borrowing”, with Philippe Bacchetta, VoxEU February 2016, 5603 reads

“The Real Effect of Credit Rating Downgrades”, VoxEU February 2015,  10791 reads

“The Global Financial Crisis: What Drove the Build-up?”, with Erlend Nier IMF, VoxEU March 2012 and Economist’s View discussion, 25683 reads

« Capital Adequacy and Hidden Risk », with Mike Mariathasan Oxford University, VoxEU June 2013, 17693 reads

“Bank capital: Lessons from the Financial Crisis”, with Asli Demirguc-Kunt (World Bank) and Enrica Detragiache (IMF), World Bank Research Digest, Volume 5, N 2, Winter 2011

Interview and full article on the colonial origin of comparative development in Algeria, Le Monde de l’ Education, March 2007



jeudi 8 juin 2023


Sahil Chopra (Université Sorbonne Paris-Nord)

Economics of litigation : Securities class action with third-party funding

lundi 12 juin 2023

Law, Institutions and Economics in Nanterre (LIEN)

Arthur Silve (IAST / Univ. Laval)


jeudi 15 juin 2023


Guillaume Pierné


lundi 19 juin 2023

Law, Institutions and Economics in Nanterre (LIEN)

Juan Mora-Sanguinetti (Banco de Espana)


mardi 20 juin 2023

Colloques et Workshops

Webinar TELE –Theoretical European Law & Economics

mardi 20 juin 2023

When should non-performance of contracts be excused under changed circumstances?

Henrik Lando (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)

1:30 pm to 2:45 pm (Paris time)

When should non-performance of contracts be excused under changed circumstances?

jeudi 22 juin 2023


Jules Chaperon


vendredi 1 septembre 2023

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