Strategic interactions and general equilibrium IX: theories and applications

Jeudi 29 Novembre 2018 - Vendredi 30 Novembre 2018

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University Paris Nanterre
November, 29-30th 2018


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Recent developments in general equilibrium modelling focus on strategic interactions. Several models offer strategic foundations for the theory of perfect competition. Others analyze the functioning of markets and the working of market power in economies where competition takes place on multiple markets/locations among many agents. Theoretical models and applied papers (microeconomics and macroeconomics) in the field are welcome. This seventh workshop is devoted to recent developments in the field. Young researchers and PhD students are encouraged to submit their work.


Papers in the following areas are welcome:


- Non/Cooperative models with multilateral exchange
- Oligopolistic/monopolistic competition within interrelated markets
- Strategic market games
- Applied papers within the preceding frameworks


Deadline for submission: September, 1 2018


Papers in PdF format must be sent to:


Scientific committee


Francesca Busetto, University of Udine
Giulio Codognato, University of Udine
Alex Dickson, University of Strathclyde
Ludovic A. Julien, University Paris Nanterre
Simone Tonin, University of Durham


Local Organizers


Giulio Codognato
Ludovic A. Julien

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