Workshop "New Insights on Poverty"

Mercredi 10 Juin 2015

Workshop "New Insights on Poverty"

June 10, 2015

Université Paris Ouest, Nanterre, La Défense, bâtiment G, Salle 614

Provisional program

9h30 : Welcoming of participants

9h45 - 11h15 : First session "Measuring poverty and needs"
Sophie Ponthieux (Insee) : "European Indicators of Poverty"
Discussant: Elisabeth Tovar (Université Paris Ouest, EconomiX)
Sebastian Königs (OCDE and IZA): "NEET youth in the aftermath of the crisis"
Discussant: Julie Moschion (University of Melbourne)

11h30 - 13h00 : Second session "Poverty: a World of Concrete Hardships"
Julie Moschion (University of Melbourne): "Early substance use and the age of onset of homelessness" (with J van Ours and D McVicar)
Discussant: Dominique Meurs (Université Paris Ouest, EconomiX)
Craig Gundersen (University of Illinois) : "Research on Food Insecurity in the United States and Canada: Potential Implications for Europe"
Discussant: Claudio Lucifora (University Cattolica Milan et IZA)

13h00-14h: Lunch

Organized by

  • Dominique Meurs
  • Julie Moschion

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