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Eric Langlais

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  • Tél. professionnel 0140975914
  • Bureau à Paris Nanterre (Bât. + num.) G308B
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      Droit, Institutions, Règlementation et Interactions Stratégiques

  • Theme(s)
    • Responsabilité, prévention et accidents
    • Criminalité, délinquance
    • Economie des litiges et de la justice
    • Economie publique


University Paris Nanterre 

Building Maurice Allais, Room 308 B

200, Avenue de la République

92001 Nanterre cedex - FRANCE


telephone : + 33 (0) 140 975 914

Email :







  • Economics of Risk and Uncertainty
  • Public Economics
  • Economics of Insurance & Financial Markets


  • Tort Law and Liability
  • Criminality
  • Economics of Litigations and Justice





  • Coordinator of the thematics "Law, Institutions, Regulations, and Strategic Interactions" of EconomiX
  • Associate Editor of the journal The Review of Finance and Banking
  • Associate Editor of the journal International Review of Law and Economics
  • Member of the Board of the Association Française d'Economie du Droit
  • Member of the Executive Board of the European Association of Law & Economics, 2016-2019
  • Member of the European Association of Law & Economics
  • General Secretary of the European Association of Law & Economics, 2015-2018
  • Member of the American Law & Economics Association
  • Member of the Association Française de Science Economique
  • Expert Economy-Management for the AERES (Agency for the Assessment of Research and Higher Education)
  • Expert the ANR (National Agency for the Research)




« Law, Institutions and Economics in Nanterre »


The seminare LIEN-"Law, Institutions and Economics in Nanterre" is open to all the researchers who are interested in the relationships between law, economics and institutions. It sets two Mondays a month in the offices of EconomiX, Building G, room 614, Campus of Paris Nanterre. The programme 2020-2021 can be seen on the webpage of the seminare at: « Law, Institutions and Economics in Nanterre ».





8th International Meeting in Law & Economics

May 27-28 2021, ONLINE call IML&E 2021


EconomiX (CNRS and Université Paris Nanterre), the Paris Center for Law & Economics (Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas), the Laboratoire d’Economie Dionysien (Paris 8 Université Vincennes-St Denis), ERUDITE (Université Paris Est-Créteil), and the Center for Economics of Paris Nord (CNRS and Université Sorbonne Paris Nord) will jointly organize the: 8th International Meeting in Law & Economics, on May 27-28, 2021. More information at .




Works in progress, Mimeos 

NB: For previous works, see my webpage on ECONPAPERS


  • « Criminal mental accounting ».
  • « Uncertainty in liability assignment : market and welfare consequences of unstable rules ». article
  • « Apportioning indivisible environmental harms, and the Joint and Several Liability doctrine », with Maxime Charreire (EconomiX, U Paris Nanterre).
  • « Should environment be a concern for competition policy when firms face environmental liability ? », avec Maxime Charreire (EconomiX, U Paris Nanterre). article annexe
  • « Product design with joint harm and liability sharing », avec Andreea Cosnita (EconomiX, U Paris Nanterre).
  • « Product liability when harm is incurred by both consumers and third parties », avec Tim Friehe (MACIE, University of Marburg) et Elisabeth Schulte (MACIE, University of Marburg). article
  • « "Notched" penalty schemes ». article
  • « More prisons, more incarcerations. Costly punishments and the political market ». article
  • « Are judges harsher with repeated offenders? Evidence from the European Court of Human Rights », avec Alessandro Melcarne (EconomiX, U-Paris Nanterre), and Giovanni Ramello (IEL Turin, U Piemont Oriental). article
  • « Enforcing weak patents: the role of litigation costs, and damage rules in patent disputes », with Bertrand Chopard and Thomas Cortade. article
  • « Analyse économique et droit pénal : contributions, débats, limites » (nov 2011). article


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