Series of Webinars on Economics of Environment, Energy and Transport (SWEEET)

The webinar takes place on Tuesday at 16:00 CET on Zoom and has a duration of 60 minutes, with questions at the end.


Mardi 12 Octobre 2021
Frank Venmans (Granham Institute On Climate Change - LSE), Simon Dietz (LSE), Emanuele Campiglio (U. Bologna)
Optimal transition to a low-carbon economy in the presence of stranded assets, falling technology costs and uncertainty
Mardi 08 Juin 2021 (16h, visio)
Gino Baudry (Imperial College)
Exploring the future of the European agriculture systems between food, energy and greenhouse gas emissions: the AgRI-food SystEm interactive model (ARISE)
Mardi 25 Mai 2021 (16h, Zoom)
Philippe Quirion (CIRED)
Low-carbon options for the French power sector: What role for renewables, nuclear energy and carbon capture and storage?
Mardi 11 Mai 2021 (16h, Zoom)
Alejandro Capparos (Institute for Public Goods and Policies (IPP), Spanish National Research Council (CSIC))
Pledge and implement bargaining in the Paris Agreement on climate change
Mardi 27 Avril 2021 (16h, Zoom)
Helene Bouscasse (CR INRAE, CESAER) et Rim Rejeb (GAEL).
What role does the health impact of transport modes play in our transport choices?
Mardi 13 Avril 2021 (16h, Zoom)
Martino Pelli (Université de Sherbrooke)
Childhood Exposure to Storms and Long-Term Educational Attainments in India
Mardi 30 Mars 2021 (16h, Zoom)
M. Tivadar et Y. Schaeffer (Univ. Grenoble Alpes)
Mardi 16 Mars 2021 (16h, Zoom)
Erica Myers (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Decomposing the Wedge Between Projected and Realized Returns in Energy Efficiency Programs
Mardi 02 Mars 2021 (16h, Zoom)
Joseph Shapiro (UC Berkeley)
Regulating Untaxable Externalities: Are Vehicle Air Pollution Standards Effective and Efficient?
Mardi 02 Février 2021 (16h, Zoom)
Romain Crastes (University of Leeds)
Using shifted lognormal distributions in order to avoid “exploding” willingness-to-pay distributions in mixed logit models
Mardi 19 Janvier 2021 (16h, Zoom)
Beat Hintermann (Universität Basel)
Mobility Pricing in Switzerland
Mardi 05 Janvier 2021 (16h, Zoom)
Marco Percoco (Università Bocconi)
New Car Taxation and its Unintended Environmental Consequences

with Angela Bergantino and Mario Intini.

Mardi 08 Décembre 2020 (16h, Zoom)
Ben Groom (University of Exeter)
REDD+ as an area based policy: Evidence from the 2011Indonesian Moratorium on Palm Oil, logging and Timber Concessions

with Charles Palmer and Lorenzo Sileci

Mardi 24 Novembre 2020 (16h, Zoom)
Rainald Borck (University of Postdam)
Urban pollution: A global perspective

with Philipp Schrauth.

Mardi 27 Octobre 2020 (16h, Zoom)
Sébastien Houde (Grenoble Ecole de Management)
Consumer Myopia in Vehicle Purchases: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

with Kenneth Gillingham and Arthur A. van Benthem

Mardi 13 Octobre 2020
Nicolas Treich (Toulouse School of Economics, INRAE, Université Toulouse Capitole)
An economic model of the meat paradox

with Nina Hestermann and Yves Le Yaouanq.

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